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Lincoln School project takes a big step forward

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 9:01 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

After making very little progress on the renovation project the last couple of years, the Concerned Citizens of Lincoln School have been encouraged recently with the momentum gained in recent weeks.
Under the direction of project manager Charles Overton, the first of three phases of the new sewer and water line renovation project has been completed.
The new lines are installed to accommodate new rest rooms and a new kitchen.
Overton took me through Lincoln School for the first time last week and it’s great to see progress being made on a building filled with so much history.
The building is very strong and has a hard-to-penetrate foundation.
He gave me a tour and showed me the rest rooms, the old dining area, classrooms, and the auditorium with the old stage.
I couldn’t help but think about Overton, who was a student in the school, and the history of others who spent their time in that building through the years when it was in operation.
Overton then took a few moments and pounded out a song he’s recently written on the old piano on the main level.
It provided me an instant view into this building’s past and hopefully some day, that same type of unique spirit will be returned to what might once again be a vibrant atmosphere.
For more information on the Lincoln School Project, to make a donation, or offer volunteer assistance, those interested can contact Jesse Salmon at either 573-594-2774 or 573-239-1113.
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