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Letters to the Editor – YMCA focus

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 11:39 am

Dear Editor,
About 20 years ago, I joined the YMCA because exercise had been an important part of me and my family’s overall health.
A single mom with two boys, I found going to the Y to be a great stress relief and terrific family time. Now, my boys are on their own and I’m married to a man with the same “exercise” attitude as me.
We travel all over the state and the country for pleasure and for work and have found the “Away” program offered through most YMCA’s to be so valuable for our lifestyle. We can go anywhere outside of 30 miles of our “home” Y and enjoy the amenities that allow us to stay in shape. We’ve been to probably 50 different facilities over the years- some in old buildings, some brand new. But, every one of them have accommodated us. Having a “home” YMCA is an excellent benefit to your family’s overall health, but it also provides other amazing benefits!
Marisa Ellison
Hannibal YMCA Member
Note: The YMCA A.W.A.Y. (Always Welcome at the Y) program is part of the “One Y” Concept. A member of the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA will be allowed to utilize other local YMCA’s as part of their membership fees. For example, the Vandalia YMCA does not have a pool in the current plan or budget. However, a member could plan a shopping trip to Mexico, Louisiana, or Hannibal and enjoy swimming and family time at the local Y facility as part of their trip.
Many membership details are still being discussed, but rates will be comparable to other local YMCA’s. The “One Y” or A.W.A.Y. program is another benefit of having a local YMCA.