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LEPC holds second quarter meeting

Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Audrain County Emergency Management Director Steve Shaw during the LEPC Meeting.

Audrain County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) held its second quarter meeting on April 20 inside the Audrain County Courthouse.
MERC Executive Director Paul Kirchhoff made a few brief remarks to the LEPC. He noted that this LEPC is the first one he’s seen have the news (media) be a part of it.
He noted the concern counties have meeting the 15 person minimum for classes. He said for some, the MERC can’t due to expense but he did note that some classes could have the minimum requirement dropped.
Kirchhoff said counties could use real events or exercises to help in approving purchases for LEPCs.
A quarterly hazardous report was discussed.
Two incidents were noted in the first quarter.
Audrain County Emergency Management Director Steve Shaw noted about 20 gallons of diesel fuel discharged in the accident involving a semitruck and a train in Martinsburg.
On April 5, about four gallons of diesel fuel went into a ditch when a farm truck hauling equipment went off the road during a rain storm.
An Exercise Planning Committee met on April 4 to begin a planning process.
It was noted that the railroad training plans would not be done in favor of working with a pipeline company on a training.
The Annex H Revision is still not completed but should be in the coming days. Shaw said he is getting with the regional coordinator for SEMA and MERC to review Annex H and EOP in December.
It was noted the LEPC generator test approved in January was done. A battery was approved and purchased and generators are 100% operational.
It was noted that the LEPC could discuss setting a dollar amount that would allow purchases to be made without a vote. Shaw was encouraged to write up something for the group to consider voting on in the next meeting. The money trail has checks and balances as it goes through the treasurer and commission office. Bylaws additions/changes would need to be approved by the commissioners.
The 2017 equipment inventory for the LEPC trailer will be done at 10 a.m. on May 2 in the Annex Building. Members approved the purchase of lunch for the equipment inventory team.
New Business
Tier II is continuing for 2017. There are 211 facilities dealing with chemicals in Audrain County and 72 are mandated to report for Tier II funding. Shaw will send letters to other facilities to know what chemicals they have so responders are aware of those chemicals.
Kircchoff said he will work with Shaw on getting the list of the other businesses. Hazmat IQ was completed for Audrain County on April 5.
A date in December was set for the MERC/SEMA Annex H review
The October meeting will include elections and the annual table-top exercise will be held on October 19.
Meeting minutes from the last meeting in January were approved.
A Treasurer’s Report was approved showing a current balance of $9,938.73.
The next meeting will be held on July 20 followed by a fourth quarter meeting on October 19.