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LEPC gets presentation on natural gas from Ameren

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 11:22 am

Dennis Bennett gets ready to show a controlled gas fire on a burner.

Dennis Bennett gets ready to show a controlled gas fire on a burner.

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for Audrain County enjoyed a natural gas safety presentation from Ameren Missouri during their quarterly meeting held last Thursday at the Audrain County Courthouse in Mexico, Mo.
Dennis Bennett, Damage Prevention and Public Awareness Supervisor of Ameren Missouri Gas Operations, first showed LEPC members sample pipe used by Ameren Missouri.
Bennett said there are 86 fire departments in cover territories.
He said he talks with them on what Ameren Missouri will do if there is an incident or emergency response and what they might ask the agencies represented, especially the first responders and what they can help with.
He said he has made presentations to Laddonia and at Little Dixie in the past.
Bennett said there is a goal to make presentations in schools. He’s sent out 116 emails to schools to begin getting presentations scheduled.
He’s also looking to make presentations to area clubs as well.
Bennett then discussed high pressure transition lines and passed around a sample piece of distribution piping used in the ground.
“The biggest risk for the natural gas system is the guy with a back hoe,” he said.
Bennett said there are lot of reported damages in the area, especially in Columbia.
After lighting a burner, Bennett told LEPC members that the blue natural gas flame is “very proficient.”
After showing what an uncontrollable flame looks like, he then put out a protective plastic box to show how the natural gas can flame up.
Agenda items
In unfinished business, it was noted that it was difficult to get with the Norfolk Southern folks for a training program.
A Tabletop is needing done in 2016 and could be done at the next meeting in October. The planning committee currently includes Sandra Brooks and Steve Shaw. Chris Newbrough said he would help out during the meeting.
Audrain County Health Department Administrator Sandra Hewlett noted some of the equipment that ACHD currently has could be used for a training exercise on radioactive waste.
ERG pick up for 2016 has been passed out and more copies available.
In new business, some discussion was held on the focus study for Audrain County.
Some discussion was held on students being paid more than $13/hour from MU but Shaw said he’ll look for volunteer options instead.
A form was passed out to update LEPC membership for the MERC.Brenda Gerlach, the Regional Coordinator for SEMA, gave the group an update on the MERC and its staff structure. A new emergency preparedness disaster response on the ACHD property. There are also six POD contracts at area schools.
At the beginning of the meeting, LEPC members approved minutes from their April 21 meeting. They did make one change showing two and not five generators needing maintained and load tested. They were just tested on the Monday before the meeting.
The Treasurer’s Report was approved showing $6,908.41 in the account.
There was one item in the hazardous report during the quarter that showed one from DNR. It was a fuel line at an historic facility. Contamination in the line was removed.