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“Lawn of the Week” program set to begin in Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 9:05 am

In an effort to organize a beautification movement for Vandalia, the La Femme Arts Club is starting a “Lawn of the Week” contest to honor Vandalia residents for their property’s appearance.
The goal of the contest is for “community pride to shine.”
Residents are being asked to nominate the address of a lawn in town by filling out a form at The Vandalia Leader’s office, calling The Vandalia Leader at 594-2222, or by calling the club 594-6587.
Nominations are currently being collected through noon on Friday, June 1 with the first week’s winner having their photo taken in time for the Wednesday, June 6 issue of The Vandalia Leader. Each week during the contest, nominations will be taken through noon every Friday. The contest will run through the end of August with a grand champion being selected through an online voting contest on The Vandalia Leader’s website. The winner will be recognized during Prairie Days.
I’ve heard some recent talk in town about a community garden movement for Vandalia. This contest is being held in that spirit and I encourage Vandalia residents to participate. I look forward to putting the winners of each week’s contest in the paper and am definitely looking forward to seeing a noticeable difference in the looks of the town through the summer program.
Graduation Date
I had someone ask me this weekend what I thought about Van-Far holding its graduation ceremonies on Mother’s Day?
They also asked if perhaps the district would consider holding it on either a Friday or a Saturday as some other schools do in the state?
Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Mother’s Day ceremony as my coverage of the event forces me to be away from my wife on the special day. In regards to a Friday or Saturday, I’m for it but district baseball and sectional track could cause a problem for a Saturday event depending on the weekend it was held.
My main concern is for both the Van-Far and Community R-VI School Districts to host their ceremonies at different times and different dates, if necessary. The ceremonies are being held on opposite weekends this year as Community R-VI hosts their event this Sunday, May 20.
In past years, the ceremony was held at the same time on the same Sunday. This makes it difficult for area families to attend events of loved ones they want to show support for at both districts.
Let us know what you think through our online poll. What would you like to see Van-Far and/or Community R-VI do in the future? Choose from: Move event off of Mother’s Day to a different weekend, move it to a Friday or a Saturday, or Keep it on Mother’s Day.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.