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Last week’s events and a new job title

Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 8:41 am

The Vandalia area enjoyed an extremely busy week during the last several days as Laddonia hosted its 4th of July event and the Vandalia Area Fair was held July 5-7.
Both events were the culmination of hard work by volunteers throughout the year resulting in four busy days for area residents.
Volunteers organizing both activities should be commended for their efforts and willingness to work hard and provide the entertainment they scheduled last week.
The 4th of July event in Laddonia nearly began at sunrise and finished with a fantastic fireworks show.
Many area residents commented on Facebook after the event that it may have been Laddonia’s best ever display.
For a small town, I challenge any one to find a display that rivals what Laddonia did last Wednesday.
My family enjoyed it and were thankful to once again watch the fireworks light up the sky during their annual event.
While I know many Vandalia Area Fair attendees would like to see a carnival, count me in there too, the local volunteers worked hard to provide a solid lineup of activities with their given budget. Through the need for creativity, they have perhaps stumbled upon an annual headliner with the Go Kart races.
Derek and Amy Kuda and the countless workers at and on the track should be commended for putting on a fun show.
I never knew Go Kart racing was so enjoyable to watch on a dirt track. Reminded me of some past times watching races on other tracks.
And seeing the youngsters take their shot at the checkered flag was especially fun to watch.
Several newer activities were also held like the Home Run Derby; a Punt, Pass, and Kick Contest; a Talent Show; Missouri Mud Madness; Grass Volleyball Tournament; Flower/Succulent Showcase; and “Battle of the Bands” were also special events held at this year’s Fair. Volunteers and fairgoers were also blessed to have the weather temperatures not get too hot, too cold, or too wet for the first time in many years.
This helped create a special setting for the three day event. A big public thank you to all of the volunteers, sponsors, donors, and businesses who helped make last week’s activities a big success.
New Title
I’m thankful for the support of Lakeway Publishers and the confidence they showed in me this past week by changing my title from General Manager to Publisher.
In the newspaper industry, there is no higher position one can attain at a location.
Though I have served as General Manager/Editor for the past 10 years, I always had my hopes of some day reaching Publisher status. I just never knew when that day would come.
I’m extremely humbled by this honor. My role remains the same with the local newspaper, but along with my title, my email address will also be changing from to Please feel free to email me any time with suggestions, concerns, or questions.