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Landowners, sport dog hunters meet at R-VI

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 1:55 pm

Conservation agents led discussions with landowners and hound hunters.

The Missouri Department of Conservation had a large crowd of area landowners and those who hunt with hounds attend a meeting March 9 at Community R-VI to discuss sport dog enthusiasts and the property of landowners.
The meeting covered regulations, furbearer management, hunting traditions, and land use.
The main issue is those who use hunting hounds and what should be a protocol of them on a landowner’s property. The discussion gets spirited at times in discussing coyote hunters and their pursuit.
There were tables set up in the Middle School gym where landowners and hound runners sat around tables to discuss scenarios.
Some concerns expressed by either party were a lack of places to hunt during deer season, a loss of hunters due to age, a changing landscape, difficulty getting permits, deer season too long, upsetting folks, coyotes pushed on land that hound runners want to avoid, a challenge to get landowner permission, lifestyles, trespassing, and more.
Some solutions suggested by either landowners or sporting dog enthusiasts included possible text communication to let landowners know that hound runners are in an area, a lack of recognition of property lines, a map that would show where hounds are not welcome, a need to ask permission, be a good neighbor, show respect, and more.
In the aftermath of the event, one landowner, Dave Lendosky, reached out to the Vandalia Leader and said they felt the MDC was clearly on the dog hunters side and he never felt “so humiliated and disrespected” in his life.
He noted that the property is something he’s worked hard to own.
The landowner also said he felt the MDC didn’t do a good enough job of letting area landowners know the meeting was taking place.
The landowner said he bought 165 acres for trophy managing deer.
His problem, he says, is that dog hunters are terrorizing his deer.
He notes that coyote hunters and coon hunters have been showing up on his land in Sullivan County.
It was also noted a problem of the MDC running two hunts at one time.
The MDC also held a similar meeting in Macon in December 2017 but there were complaints by some that the MDC didn’t do a good job of advertising the meeting.