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Laddonia to purchase car

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 1:07 pm

-Meeting Minutes
Mark Bross reported easements for the landowners between Laddonia and Kyle Pounds farm. Further discussion will be forwarded in the coming meetings.
Alderman Ono Monachino made a motion to amend the minutes due to the misspelling of Mr. Hanson, and Mr. Talbott seconded by Aldermen Hanson. Motion passed.’
Bob Ellis gave the treasurer’s report with discussion after the reading.
Collector’s report was read by Aldermen Monachino as Barb Cope was not present.
Old Business
Aldermen Monachino made a motion to amend the agenda to add Police Car. Seconded by Monte Aldermen Hanson. Motion passed.
Aldermen Monachino made a motion to purchase a 2004 Crown Victoria for $1500. Seconded by Aldermen Hanson. Motion passed.
Aldermen Hanson made a motion to receive a bid for decals for the police car seconded by  Aldermen Monachino motion passed.
Final payment for Waste Water project has come due in the amount of $500.
Review of the City of Laddonia City Clerk and City Collector positions. Aldermen Monachino  made a motion to change City Collector’s hours of operation to a minimum of 20 hours per     week for three weeks Monday through Friday from 8 am until 12 pm.
During water bill collection hours consist of 8 am until 1 pm for one week.
Aldermen Monachino made a motion to advertise for the positions of City Clerk and City  Collector seconded by Aldermen Folta. Motion passed.

New Business
Bob Ellis presented the Semi Annual Treasurer’s Report for the Newspaper needed to be reviewed.
Mayor Josh Deimeke presented to the board that Mr. Glen Jenson was interested in building two     houses on his property and was curious if the city would pay for water and sewer lines that     would run to both houses. Aldermen Monachino noted that if the property was in city limits, the city would pay for expense of both lines.
Considering that we need to verify if the property is in city limits, No motion was made.