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Laddonia mayor resigns during Board of Alderman meeting

Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 8:56 am

Josh Deimeke

Josh Deimeke

Laddonia Mayor Josh Deimeke resigned a little more than an hour into last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting after a heated exchange between the mayor and  what he says were a couple of board members. Earlier in the meeting, Deimeke said he didn’t appreciate how two patrons were treated by some members of the board.
Deimeke said he just took a piece of paper and wrote his resignation letter to be effective immediately and he left the building.
“Patrons, citizens, and taxpayers should be treated with respect along with their concerns,” Deimeke said in a prepared statement about his resignation. “There are certain board members that do not see this as a priority. I believe the only way for any town to improve is to have strong community support. For myself, community involvement is a must and should be deemed as one of the highest priorities. I watched as one patron was belittled and talked down to as another was argued with and had a board member’s voice raised to them. This was all because they asked questions or voiced their concerns. This has happened on several occasions. I will not be apart of a council where certain board members treat patrons as though their input is not important. We are here to represent the people of this town.”
One of the situations he described involved his wife Melissa Deimeke.
The now former mayor also said he’s been frustrated that the aldermen have discussed a salary increase for his position.
This would increase the pay from $400 every six months to $300 per month. This represents, according to Josh Deimeke, an increase from $800 to $3,600 per year.
“I personally don’t agree with this and have voiced my opinion on this issue to the aldermen,” Josh Deimeke said. “This position should be held by someone who wants to help our town and not for monetary gain. We have so many things to fix: the tennis courts, park, roads etc. How or why would we increase the salary for this position?”
Josh Deimeke said he’ll continue to be a part of the community and is not planning to take his name off the ballot to run in April for another term.
“Part of the board of alderman and my vision for this town are in two different spots,” he added. “I want to thank everyone who supported me while I was in office and hope that the citizens of this town continue to voice their opinions and be heard. That is the only way change will happen. I look forward to still helping town organizations. It will just be in another facet at this time.”
The official meeting minutes were not available at press time.