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Laddonia declines repeater

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 8:47 am

By James Smith
Centralia Fireside-Guard

Money and municipalities were two of topics covered by board members during the Jan. 3 meeting of the Audrain County Emergency Services Board.
Laddonia was the municipality in question. 911 Director Chris Hardin reported to the board that Jerry Johnson and chief Glenn Jensen of the Laddonia and Rural Fire Association declined the new radio repeater which the Emergency Services Board purchased on that group’s behalf.
This was, said Hardin in the meeting’s draft minutes, after Laddonia Fire had expressed an interest in a new repeater.
Since then, the board has returned the $4,700 repeater and received a full refund from Wireless USA.
According to the draft minutes, “The Emergency Services Board expressed that they would not be interested in purchasing another repeater for the Laddonia and Rural Fire Association should they change their mind.”
One source close to the issue said the Laddonia group had been told their current repeater was compatible with the upcoming radio narrow banding
Along with the repeater, said the source, Emergency Services would have also
donated its maintenance.
Hardin also introduced the 2012 proposed budget, which included roughly
$854,000 in expenditures.

Emergency Services staff also provided the monthly and annual operational
status report.
For December 2011 they processed 3,195 computer aided dispatch incidents and
701 9-1-1 calls.
For the full year: 9-1-1 calls, 9,133 and 43,088 computer aided dispatch
Board member Ronnie Heaton told the rest of the board that he had recently
been approached by Lori Swank of the Van-Far Ambulance District regarding
concerns in the Joint Communications Center’s protocol for early-activation
of medical helicopters.
Board members discussed the EMD call-taking and dispatching process and
protocol as it relates to early-activation of medical helicopters.
They decided that the Van-Far Ambulance District needs to present their
concerns directly to the Emergency Services Board, and contact the Board’s
Medical Director for the Emergency Medical Dispatch program to review the
protocol for early-activation of medical helicopters.
Beyond that the board took no action.
The next board meeting will be 6:30 p.m., Feb. 7 at the Audrain County Joint
Communications Center.