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Laddonia, Farber and Vandalia swear in newly elected mayors and aldermen

Posted on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 9:50 am

By Barry Dalton

Gary Garnett was elected mayor of Laddonia. Juanita Cope and Gerald Davis were elected to the Laddonia Board of Aldermen. Mary Kaluhiokalani was sworn in as city clerk and Nick Parrish was sworn in as treasurer.

During a special meeting on Monday, April 13, the Laddonia Board of Aldermen heard from four candidates to fill the seat on the board vacated when Garnett was sworn in as mayor on Thursday, May 8. The candidates–Glenn Jensen, Kevin Charlton, Jay Robnett and Tresa Hodges–were asked by Garnett to give a short statement on why they would like to be on the board.

Glenn Jensen: “I sat on this board for many years before, seen many things come in. Some things aren’t finished yet. I think when I was running for mayor, I had a pretty good plan of what the city needs to move forward over the next few years. Probably looking like 5 or 10 years before that project could be completed to be able help this city out greatly. I know everybody’s big on bringing new business to town, and we’ve got a lot of small towns around here. I don’t see this town getting a lot bigger. I see it getting better, but maybe not bigger economy wise, as far as bringing in some big business where they support everybody to work at. I don’t see that happening in this town. I think we ought to invest our time in our town and not try to bring new business to town. Let’s take care of what we got and keep what we got before we lose it as well.

Kevin Charlton: I was on the board for the last few years, part of bringing in the new water meters. I know the town. I’m not from here. I moved to town to basically raise my kids, and now I have custody of my grandson, so I’m going to be here longer, so I just want to do what I can to make the town better.

Tresa Hodges: I’ve lived in town here for 25 plus years. There’s a lot of stuff that needs help in this town, and I’d like to try to help out where I can. There’s a lot of things that need to happen to make life better for all of the residents in town. I do have some experience on boards, so I think I can bring that experience here.

Jay Robnett: I was born and raised [in this area] …. I’d like to help to keep the town moving, not necessarily growing. Clean it up more. Make it more appealing to people coming through and wanting to stop by. I’d like to see the town cleaned up some. See it move a little forward, seems like it’s moving backward some here and there. I haven’t done stuff like this much, but I thought I’d give it a try because people always complain but never do anything, so I figured I’d give it a shot to do what I can to better our community.

After some discussion among the three voting aldermen about how to choose the best aldermen from the candidates, the board voted unanimously to select Hodges. Hodges’ experience includes serving 12 years on the State Board of Education of Missouri.

More area election results

Tony Shade was chosen by Farber voters to serve as the mayor. Jeff Gay and Lee Scrogin were elected to the Board of Aldermen.

Pat Arens was elected to serve as mayor of Martinsburg. Charles Diemeke and Cary Montague were elected to the Board of Aldermen.

Vicki Briggs and Chris Miller were reelected to the Mexico City Council.

Vandalia voters elected Teresa Wenzel, Ward 1; Edna Wheeler, Ward 2; and Debbie Hopke, Ward 3 to the Vandalia Board of Aldermen. Voters also approved the transmission of the city’s 69kv line to Central Electric by a vote of 101 to 17.

Two tax issues were also approved by county voters. The small structures sales tax received 71 % approval, and the Common #1 Road District tax received 64 % approval.

Laddonia Mayor Gary Garnett was sworn in by Tom Ellis, attorney for the city.

Vandalia City Clerk Brandi Gay swears in Teresa Wenzel, Debbie Hopke and Edna Wheeler as Vandalia Board of Aldermen.

Farber Mayor Tony Shade was sworn in by City Clerk Megan Roth.

Laddonia City Clerk Mary Kaluhiokalani.

Farber Alderman Jeff Gay.

Laddonia Alderman Tresa Hodges.

Laddonia Treasurer Nick Parrish.

Laddonia Alderman Juanita Cope.

Laddonia Alderman Gerald Davis.

Photos by Barry Dalton.