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Laddonia area residents enjoy annual 4th of July Celebration

Posted on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Youngsters participate in the sack race.

Youngsters participate in the sack race.

The Laddonia Athletic Association hosted its 63rd Annual Laddonia 4th of July Celebration last Saturday in Laddonia.
A large fireworks display lit up the night’s sky around 9 p.m. to end a long day filled with several activities.
The evening included a time to honor Alice Isgrig and Jack Folta with Hall of Fame Awards.
Players from the 1995 Community R-VI Lady Trojans state softball championship team along with head coach Lyndel Whittle were on hand for a 20th reunion celebration.
The schedule included a morning parade, bounce houses, a performance from the “Yee Haw Line Dancers”, and a performance from the “New Oakland Singers.”
Other activities included a free kids book walk, a radar test of fastballs, a candy toss, a silent auction, a raffle, and more.
There were not enough players for the Coed Old Timers Game for those players over 50 years old.
There were several contests held throughout the day.
Along with Baby Show results with photos on Page 11, the other results include:
Coed Softball
1) Swag; 2) Team America; 3) The Recess Rejects
Adult Mud Volleyball
1) Myers; 2) Blake McClain and Kalynn Hilderman; 3) Stephanie Winkler

Kids Games
Hula Hoop Contest
Ages 3 and under: 1) “Evee”; 2) Robert Nitcher; 3) Adryonna Smith; 4) Kolton Craven
Ages 4-5: 1) Allison Nitcher; 2) Adrianna Crown
Ages 7-9, girls: 1) Jazlin Luckett; 2) Tessa Smith; 3) Brooklynn Glasgow
Ages 7-9, boys: 1) Kaiden Erdel; 2) Braxton Wasson; 3) Matthew Utterback
Ages 10-12: 1) Alexis McCurdy; 2) Madelynn Caldwell; 3) Tucker Robnett; 4) Kadin McCurdy
Ages 13 and Up: 1) Lacy Schoneboom; 2) Paige Curtis; 3) Vicki Graves
Turtle Race
Ages 3 and under: 1) Adrianna Smith; 2) Colton Maxwell; 3) “Chase”
Ages 4-5: 1) “Elizabeth”; 2) “Ashlyn”; 3) “Cayden”
Ages 7-9: 1) Brady Fox; 2) Alleri Welch; 3) Tessa Smith
Ages 10-12: 1) “Jaylen”; 2) “Tucker”; 3) “Maggie”
Frog Jump
Ages 3 and under: 1) Chase Knipfel; 2) Adam Knipel; 3) Natalie Cartee
Ages 4-5: 1) Gabby Knipfel; 2) Mason Dishman; 3) Allison Nitcher
Ages 7-9: 1) Jaden Eldrige; 2) Kaden Erdell; 3) “Brasen”
Ages 10-12: 1) “Alexis”’ 2) “Sara”; 3) Jaylen Fendrich
Ages 13-15: 1) Austin Henck
Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
Ages 3-5: 1) Allison Nitcher
Ages 7-9: 1) Chloe Johnson
Ages 10-12: 1) Kaylee Hampton
Ages 16 and Up: 1) Robert Nitcher
Sack Race
Ages 3-5: 1) Lilly Feltner; 2) Sophia Fennewald; 3) Wyatt Feltner
Ages 7-9: 1) Braxton Watson; 2) Taylor Johnson; 3) Celine Flowers
Ages 10-12: 1) Kayden Hampton; 2) Kaylee Hampton; 3) Daniel Stansbury
Water Balloon Toss
1) Makenzie Grimsely and Kasydea Puts; 2) Alexis McCurdy and Danny Stansbury
Class A: 1) Eugene Treels; 2) Charlie Ward; 3) Charlie Maupin
Class B: 1) Gage Treels; 2) Lee Mooney; 3) Randy Clithero
Class C: 1) Mike Wessel; 2) Derek Clithero; 3)Riley Harris
Little Mr./Little Miss
Little Mr.: 1) Kolton Craven, son of Steven and Janna Craven; 2) Trevor Coleson, son of Darryl Cole; 3) Colton Risenhoover, son of Jarrett and Crystal Risenhoover
Little Miss: 1) Gabriella Knipfel, daughter of Krissy and Ryan Knipfel, of Benton City; 2) Evelyn Deimeke, daughter of Josh and Melissa Deimeke; 3-tie) Ashlynn McNary, daughter of Cassidy McNary; 3-tie) Alexis Risenhoover, daughter of Jarrett and Crystal Risenhoover