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L.E.P.C. holds quarterly meeting

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 10:47 am

L.E.P.C. members attend the first quarter meeting inside the Audrain County Courthouse.

Several members of Audrain County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (L.E.P.C.) discussed a variety of topics during their first quarter meeting held on January 19.
The 2017 CEPF training application has been submitted to the MERC. When approved, participants will need to register through the SEMA training site. There are 15 needed to participate.
CEPF member registrations were once again pushed as they have been pushed during the past two quarterly meetings.
It was noted that $4,833.25 in funding has been received in January from the MERC.
New Business
It was noted there was a lot of good attendance in the last TableTop. During the meeting, four L.E.P.C. members signed up to be on the 2017 TableTop committee.
An LEPC notice was scheduled to run in three local newspapers. This is a state criteria for the L.E.P.C. to receive funding.
Audrain County Emergency Management Director Steve Shaw read the notice to those in attendance. L.E.P.C. members approved to run the notice in the local publications.
An Annex H was made to the EOP/Stand Alone L.E.P.C. Plan as it was noted it was asked to have the EOP an actual Stand Alone plan. Shaw said he will be looking into the wording of what needs to be or needs to not be done to comply.
The L.E.P.C. generators have been load tested for 2017. Shaw said there is only one L.E.P.C. generator with a battery on it. He said that battery keeps running down.
Shaw proposed he purchase a trickle charger and that was approved by the members to make the purchase. The estimate he provided for one is $73.91 that matches the generator battery.
A 2017 equipment inventory will need to be done on the L.E.P.C. trailer. The Audrain County Health Department is going to donate a bar code printer and a bar code scanner to help with the project.
The Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, and Quarterly Hazard Incident Report were approved.
It was noted that the second quarter meeting will be held on April 20 followed by third quarter on July 20 and a fourth quarter gathering on October 19. Norfolk Southern speaker Chris Burch was suppose to attend the meeting but canceled his appearance.