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Jungers inducted into DAR Chapter

Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 9:32 am

Holly Jungers was inducted as Susanna Randolph’s latest new member at their regular meeting held Thursday evening, February 7, 2013 at the Vandalia Hotel. Following a light supper served by Virginia Howdeshell, a memorial service was conducted for Frances Ann Parrish, a member of the chapter, by Joy Davis, regent and Virginia Howdeshell, chaplain. Several members told their remembrances of Frances. Friends, Mike and Debbie Ray also told their memories.

The meeting began with the opening ritual followed by the induction of Holly Jungers by Joy Davis and Virginia Howdeshell. The President General’s message was given by Ann Carter and Virginia Howdeshell read a Constitution Minute. Judy Flowers provided an American Indian Minute and a Conservation minute was given by Barbara Elzea. Roll call, “Name your favorite game,” was answered by Dorothy Black, Anne Bryant, Ann Carter, Joy Davis, Barbara Elzea, Judy Flowers, Virginia Howdeshell, Maxine Jackson, Holly Jungers, Ruth Miller, Cindy Pirch, Wanda Winders, members; Brenda Gower and Crystal McCurdy, prospective members. Cindy Pirch, corresponding secretary, read four thank you notes from the boys at Tamassee School and a letter from Tamassee thanking us for our support. Ann Carter reported that Eleanor Schewe had made a donation to the chapter in memory of Frances Ann Parrish. Ruth Miller, registrar, reported that we have 2 new members, Holly Jungers of Vandalia and Sarah Miller of Laddonia. They received their national numbers at the National Board of Management meeting on February 2. Pamela Oetting’s supplemental on John Hart was approved. Brenda Gower’s application is waiting approval in Washington DC and Crystal McCurdy signed her application at the meeting. It was also reported that Tara Alderson recently transferred her membership to the Columbian Chapter, Columbia, Missouri and Barbara Jarvis transferred her membership to the Smoky Hill Chapter, Ellsworth, Kansas.

In committee reports, Cindy Pirch described the plans for the George Washington’s Birthday Celebration to be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday February 24, at St. Pat’s hall in Vandalia, to honor the DAR good citizens and the DAR essay contest winners. Ruth Miller announced the essay contest winners to be honored. Brian Kurz placed first, Ciara Craven placed second and Brooke Johnson placed third in the Christopher Columbus Essay Contest. In the American History Essay Contest, Alexis DeTienne placed first, Jayda Borgmeyer placed second and Cameron Barse placed third in eighth grade. Taryn Adam placed first, Walker Franke placed second and Mackenzie Kurz placed third in seventh grade. Jayson Orr placed first and Jordan Garner placed second in sixth grade. Joy Davis reported that our chapter earned over 400 points toward Level I of the Chapter Achievement award.

Under old business the possibility of awarding a Community Service Award to a local group was discussed. In new business Ann Carter made and Cindy Pirch seconded a motion to send the recent donation to the chapter to the Groves Cottage residential scholarship fund at Tamassee, South Carolina. Joy Davis reported the DAR Project Patriot fund raising goal on the state level for 2013 is $4000. Each chapter has been asked to raise $40. Cindy Pirch made and Ruth Miller seconded a motion to send $40 to the state treasurer for the Project Patriot fund.

The meeting was adjourned with the closing ritual. Ruth Miller gave an interesting program on American History with a quiz and a game of War of 1812 Bingo. Patriotic necklaces were given as prizes.