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It’s official: Now publisher of Bowling Green Times, Louisiana Press-Journal and The Vandalia Leader

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 6:17 pm

At the time you read this editorial, it’s official, I am the new publisher of the Bowling Green Times and the Louisiana Press-Journal. Though I have more responsibilities, I will remain the publisher of The Vandalia Leader.
The main thing changing is I have started turning over reporting duties to our newest “official” reporter, Ben Marshall.
Though you have seen Ben at countless events for several years, I have written a majority of the copy for those events. Ben will now be taking over those duties and I will be close by his side during this transition. He will do, and is already doing, a fine job. Just read his story on the front page this week regarding a book published by Michael Schlueter.
I will also continue to be the lone sales representative for The Vandalia Leader.
To help with this transition, we are changing our news copy and advertising deadlines to noon on Mondays before that Wednesday’s publication. Previously, the deadline was 5 p.m.
Our office hours remain the same. I will be in the Vandalia office all day Thursday and in-and-out during the other days as needed.
On Fridays, we will remain open through 5 p.m. but the noon-5 p.m. time slot will be hit-and-miss due to a need for us to be out of the office covering stories and selling ads.
As for my new role in Pike County, I am attempting to replace Publisher Linda Luebrecht, who served her county for more than 30 years in the newspaper business. She has been named the new City Administrator for the City of Bowling Green. Serving three decades in this business is an incredible achievement. Linda will be missed for sure.
In running two Pike County publications, the demand for my time will have me in Bowling Green more than Vandalia. That being said, I’m only a phone call away and I can come and go as I need to.
In the meantime, the Leader’s bookkeeper, Crystal Beatty, will be with us as a part-time employee after she has accepted a full-time position at the United Credit Union. I personally will miss working beside her on a daily basis, as she has been my go-to person for the last 10 years.
Thankfully, after I pleaded, begged, and cried, she agreed to remain our bookkeeper on a part-time basis. Glee Hanson will have more duties and remains with us part-time as well. I’m thankful for all that she does week in and week out.
On a personal note, I truly am excited about this new opportunity. With this unique position that I am in, it will also open some advertising doors for Vandalia area businesses who may be wanting to advertise in the Pike County publications at the same time they are putting ads in The Vandalia Leader. The opportunity has always been there but I will be in a better position to relay the information to advertisers, and in the future, some promotions may be inserted in all three publications simultaneously.
My goals for all three publications and their digital footprints includes not straying from our focus on local content, providing high-quality stories, and continue offering advertising opportunities that bring customers into the doors of all businesses in our area.
I’m so grateful for God blessing my family and I with this opportunity. I’m also thankful for Lakeway Publishers putting confidence in me in taking on this endeavor. If you have any questions or just want to drop me a note, feel free to email