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IRS conference proves more wasteful spending by government

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 1:14 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Another chapter was added to the large book of IRS fiascoes last week when the Treasury Department’s inspector general reported that the IRS spent about $50 million to hold more than 220 conferences for its employees from 2010-2012.
The report showed that the IRS spent $4 million in an August 2010 gathering. The event featured 2,600 attendees receiving benefits like baseball tickets and presidential suites costing $1,500-$3,500 per night. There were 15 speakers who were paid a total of $135,000 in fees. The IRS responded to the report by saying it only spent $4.9 million in 2012.
While IRS spokespeople will point critics to this accomplishment, I argue the cuts only happened due to a scathing report on the conference spending habits of the General Services Administration which was released in April 2012.
My best guess is some of their habits changed after news of this report’s 2012 release was rumored throughout the IRS offices. On top of this mess, another report recently showed the IRS spending roughly $60,000 to make team-building videos that spoofed the TV shows “Gilligan’s island” and “Star Trek.”
These types of examples are why I’m not a big federal taxes guy. The federal government continues to waste money and until they can show me that they can set and follow a budget to spend our money wisely, then I’ll never be in support of new or increased federal taxes.
Our national debt has reach its current level of $16.8 trillion and counting due largely to two wars and wasteful spending.
Isaiah’s Birthday
When your child celebrates another birthday, it’s easy to have a mixture of emotions.
Part of me was excited for my son Isaiah as he received presents and enjoyed company during his 9th birthday party this past weekend. I also enjoyed watching him open some presents that he obviously liked as he couldn’t wait  to spend some time with them.
The other part of me was a little sad as my son moves another year closer to graduating and moving from my house.
I absolutely love that little boy and I just can’t wait to see God take him down the path He has planned for him. Happy Birthday Isaiah! Daddy loves you!
I truly apologize for recent errors in our publication. We’re shorthanded and I haven’t slept much while working on multiple projects, opening the door for human error. We will work diligently to provide a better newspaper in upcoming issues.