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  • (Vandalia, MO/Pike County, MO) Dentist uses a gentle approach

    The word “gentle” is not just the first word in the name of a local dentist office, it’s the focal point of how patients are treated by Dr. Cedric Papa, DDS and his staff at “Gentle Healthy Smiles.” The key to their gentleness is the ability to be in-tune... Read more

  • (Vandalia, MO) Getting high quality Falken tires in Vandalia, MO

    While there are many auto repair businesses in the Vandalia area who sell tires, not many are known for selling a No. 1 rated Falken tire. Aaron Evans, of Aaron’s Auto Care, is excited to offer his customers Falken tires engineered for all types of terrain as well as... Read more

  • (Vandalia, MO/Pike County, MO) Dentist discusses fillings

    While technology has changed through the years in dentistry, it’s been unfortunate that some methods have not changed with it. A clear example involves many dentists still using a successful Civil War era method geared towards metal fillings in spite of industry advances in tools and materials. For more... Read more

  • What is Remote Support

    Remote support is a cost-effective technology that allows a technician to service your computer from a remote location. This way, the technician doesn’t even have to be where your computer is located. … You can schedule a technican to service your computer nearly any time of the day, and... Read more