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Inspirational Phelps receives prayer quilt

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 12:02 am

Ladies of New Harmony Baptist Church presented Connor Phelps with a prayer quilt.

-information contributed by Marilyn Schlueter
Connor Phelps is 13 years old. At the age of 1, Connor was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.
Although Connor’s diagnosis is considered severe and affects every part of him, he does not let it hold him back.
I’d say his faith in God plays a big role in that. If he wants it…he goes for it and doesn’t stop until he succeeds.
Conner is now in 8th grade testing at a high school level in some subjects, and pulling close to straight A’s on every grade card.
He loves to play on his computer and listen to music.
His mom shares: “Typically we teach our kids things about life. That would have to be reversed in my case. He has taught me more about life in 13 years than I ever thought possible in my 32 years.” He has a heart full of love and spreads that to all he knows. He’s an amazing kid and will one day grow up to be an amazing man. (as per his mother).
Conner is the grandson of Pastor Mark Phelps, of Southside Baptist, and his wife Deborah. Cody Phelps is dad; Kaleigh Crabtree, mom; grandma Kim Hurd; Gigi, from Mexico; and great- grandma Nana, Carol Crabtree, all from Mexico.
At the recent community revival, Conner sang with all his heart and made such an impression on the ladies at New Harmony Church, that they set to work on a beautiful prayer quilt.
The quilt was presented to him, by two of those ladies as a surprise after Sunday services.
With a moving dedication, Deborah Kraft let him know he had indeed touched them and was a superhero in their eyes: thus the Spiderman quilt.
Bert Jennings stood by as he admired their gift. Life is composed of special moments and it is important to act on those urgings, for those acts make up the glue that bind us together as a community.
More on the
A Non-Denominational Community Revival was held Oct. 4-6 at the Modern Maturity Building in Vandalia.
There were different speakers and music acts each night of the event.
The theme was “Remember Me. Please and Thank You.”