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Professor Bubbles visits Vandalia Library

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 4:27 pm

By Woodrow Polston

The Vandalia Branch Library ended its summer program schedule last week with a big, soapy finale.
Large bubbles could be seen floating toward Main Street as the sound of children laughing carried across the library lawn. This was all the evidence one needed to know that Professor Bubbles was back in town. As he prepared to dip his bubble wand in the magic solution, Branch Manager Crystal McCurdy welcomed everyone to the event.
“For those of you who have never met him, this is Rick Eugene Brammer, the Bubble Professor,” said McCurdy. “He has done magic shows for us for years and years. Last year he started a new program called “Professor Bubbles.” This is a lot of fun and he makes some huge bubbles when the weather cooperates. You guys can chase the bubbles and have fun today,” she added.
Brammer began with large bubbles that prompted both gasps and shrieks from the crowd of more than two dozen children. He changed it up a bit and switched to smaller and more numerous bubbles. As he demonstrated the different techniques that are involved with making bubbles, he explained the process to the crowd of onlookers.
“I am using special strings and special solution today,” said Brammer. “The rain can be a problem especially for the larger bubbles. The smaller the bubbles are, the stronger they tend to be and last longer. The wind also plays a factor in the process, as well. This is not a regular bubble solution like you would find in a store. This is a special Russian recipe that we obtained. You have to careful not to create foam when working with the bubble solution, because that causes air pockets. You want to keep the solution as clear as possible, so the less foam there is the better. You want to be careful to dip, drip, and then lift your wand to make the bubbles,” he added.
Brammer started his business “Absolute Science” in 2016. He began to debut programs in the fall of 2016 and according to his website, “the business has literally taken off like a rocket.” Performing more than 150 shows and workshops the first year, the momentum has not stopped growing. Schools, libraries, state and county fairs, private and public events, science fairs and expos, Halloween and other themed shows, birthday parties and the list goes on and on. The science programs are full of fun interaction with the audience. Brammer said that he has traveled from his hometown of Davenport, Iowa to do his Missouri tour.
“Today I am doing the libraries here in Audrain County. On Wednesday I will be in Springfield and Decatur before I head back home to Davenport. We have about 10 people who travel across an eight-state area doing these different science shows. We have 391 programs just for June and July, so we are keeping very busy with our science shows,” said Brammer.
At the end of the bubble show, Brammer invited the children to experience his foam machine. He offered them a choice of either a foam snake in their hands, or a foam mohawk hairdo on top of their heads. Most of the children chose the mohawk.
Absolute Science became a reality when founder “Rick Eugene” Brammer started pulling several of his friends together and working as a team created an amazing and exciting business of science shows and workshops. As a busy comedy magician for more than 20 years Rick said he knew the science programs had to have high energy, audience participation and most importantly leave the kids at the show wanting to learn more. He and his staff bring some of the coolest experiments to every program. For more information, visit their website at