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Missouri Connections Academy recognizes Vandalia student

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 3:04 pm

By Woodrow Polston

Tyler Maiden, of Vandalia, was recently named one of Missouri Connections Academy’s Students of the Month in recognition of his outstanding achievements and leadership in the virtual classroom. As a Student of the Month, Tyler will receive a certificate of achievement and be profiled in the Missouri Connections Academy student newsletter and the school’s social media platforms.

“Our students of the month demonstrate leadership and an extraordinary commitment to learning while serving as strong role models for their peers,” said Lynsie Hunt, school leader at Missouri Connections Academy. “The members of our faculty and staff are proud to give these virtual classroom leaders the recognition they deserve,” she added.

Tyler is in the sixth grade at Missouri Connections Academy. He came to the online school last year as a result of his mother, Heather Maiden, wanting her son to be in a learning environment that offered more schedule flexibility and the ability to work at his own pace. According to Maiden, she appreciates how Tyler can now learn and complete his lessons at a pace that works for her son. Plus, because he learns from home, her son doesn’t have to deal with many of the pressures that exist in the traditional school. They also have more time together.

“Tyler has one sister that attends Missouri Connections Academy online school as well, who is in the eighth grade,” said his mother, Heather Maiden. “Tyler also has two other siblings that are in regular in-person classes, a sister in 10th grade, and a brother in kindergarten. He feels that online is better for him. He is able to work at his own pace, less stress for things that move at a faster pace in regular schooling, and a few other more personal concerns are either non-existent or handled better for him with being at home,” she added.

Virtual schooling can be a great fit for a variety of students, Those who attend Missouri Connections Academy come from  different backgrounds and choose full-time online school for various reasons. Some students prefer to take ownership of their education and benefit from the flexibility that virtual school offers, while others are looking for a safe learning environment.

“I think they both are doing very well,” said Maiden. “I am able to keep on top of what they are learning and how to help them with these various new tools to succeed. They know they can count on one-on-one guidance from me, their dad, and or their online teachers if they don’t quite understand something. There have also been more options for elective classes, clubs, and activities for them that are geared closer to their own interests in online schooling. And there is freedom to explore those interests,” she added.

Missouri Connections Academy is currently hosting online information sessions for families interested in learning more about virtual education. A complete schedule of events as well as information about Missouri Connections Academy is available at or by calling 1-800-382-6010.

Missouri Connections Academy is a unique, tuition-free, online public school for K-12 students.

The teachers focus on emotional well-being and social development, working with families to help students learn best. For information, visit