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Fairgrounds hosted weekend of go-kart racing

Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 2:03 am


By Woodrow Polston

Competitors came from all over Missouri on Friday night to participate in the AJC Midwest series Championship go-kart races. The Vandalia Area Fairgrounds were lined with trailers hauling the go-karts, tools, and everything that the drivers would need for the races. During qualifying, it began to rain, which caused a short delay in starting the races. Event announcer Daniel Johnson, who is known as the “Racetrack Rambler,” said that he has recently experienced show cancellations because of rain. track Rambler,” said that he has recently experienced show cancellations because of rain.
“This is my third time in Vandalia, and we recently got rained out on a Friday,” said Johnson. “I have been doing this for over 20 years now. On Sundays I do a go-kart show south of Fulton, Mo. In Sweet Springs, we average between 80 and 100 cars a week. During the winter months, I do indoor go-kart racing events,” he added.
After the rain stopped, drivers made their way to the track to finish qualifying ahead of the race. Competitor Amy Kuda, said that the track was built four years ago. She is the daughter, Kinley Kuda.
“It seems like a long time ago,” said Kuda. “Andrew Gaw built this track. He brought in the excavating equipment to create the track and did a wonderful job. The first season the track was getting a lot of use. We were having races here as often as twice a month. Even during the pandemic, we had people from all over the country come to participate in the races on this track. The racing community has been so good to be a part of. We are all competitors but at the same time we are all friends.” she added.
Before the race began, drivers were instructed to follow the rules and to make sure that they obeyed safety protocols. During qualifying, there were several instances of karts spinning out and ending up off the track. After the rain was gone and qualifying was finished, anxious drivers began competing in the much-anticipated races around 9 p.m.
Winners of the various categories were Eddie Brose in Clone Shootout and Clone Heavy; J. W. Ray in JR1 Heavy; Hoyt Miller in JR2 Heavy; Matt Morgan in Super Heavy; Tyler Hagar in Super Heavy; Jaxson Reeves in Rookie red; and Jayden Anderson in Box Stock.