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Important to thank volunteers of all events

Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 2:20 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Vandalia area residents are getting ready for an extremely busy week as both the 4th of July Laddonia one-day event and the week-long Vandalia Area Fair are scheduled.

With members of both the Laddonia Athletic Association and the Vandalia Area Fair Association being all volunteers, it’s important to once again thank them for all of their time put into both events.

Some of those working with the Fair have even used their own personal vacation time in order to help pull off the event.

While some members of the community might still complain about what they wish the Fair would have, we need to grateful for what is here and grateful for those dedicating their time to make it happen.

If you see any of the organizers this week, be sure to thank them for the time they’ve put in and consider how you might be able to help with next year’s event.

Hutchinson, Kan. decision

I previously informed you about a sexual orientation measure being addressed by the city council in Hutchinson, Kan.

The measure did pass by a 3-2 vote but was scaled back for passage.

Revisions to the ordinance prohibits firings or evictions based on sexual orientation. They did not approve a measure that would have made guaranteed access to public places, such as churches.

They also cut out a part which would have required specialized bathrooms for those who wish to declare themselves as one gender over another.

While many were fighting on behalf of churches and the First Amendment before the decision was made, they still think the council should have just made no decision. Their concern was having laws that force government to take a side on a moral debate issue.

The decision allows for the addition of sexual orientation to an ordinance that currently prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation, based on race, sex, familial status, disability, religion, age, color, national origin and ancestry. It will be curious to see if other city councils in Missouri and in the country pass similar laws in the future.