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Important to take advantage of all Vandalia Leader offers

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 10:18 am

In order to meet the needs of our ever evolving readership that uses multiple electronic devices to access the news we provide, I want to remind readers how important it is to purchase a subscription to our newspaper.

With every purchase, subscribers can access the newspaper’s electronic edition online by simply putting in their account number and name after clicking the Electronic Edition link at the top of our website. Our website can also be accessed by multiple cell phone devices, Ipads, and more as no other area media source provides readers better coverage of the Vandalia area. If you’re tired of forgetting to pay your bill, just sign up for EZ Pay and have the total automatically deducted from your credit card each year to know there will never be a break in service. Be sure to sign up today! Call 594-2222.

Ravens advance to Super Bowl

After 12 years, my favorite NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens, finally made it back to the SuperBowl after defeating the New England Patriots in the A.F.C. Championship game this past Sunday. The victory now puts the Ravens and their head coach John Harbaugh against his brother Jim and the San Francisco 49’ers. For me this match-up is extra special since the 49’ers were my favorite team from 1986-1995 during the years Baltimore was without a pro franchise.

While most readers may think I’m the only one in our area that cares, don’t forget the Ravens have local ties to the Monachino and Bertels families as defensive coach Ted Monachino works for Baltimore. This must be a neat experience for their families to see their loved one get an opportunity to coach on the biggest pro stage. While you’re still deciding on what team you want to cheer for in two weeks, be sure to enter the “Hey Football Head” Contest. Match up the scrambled business names to the picture from area businesses and the winner picked from correct answers will win a Super Sunday package in time for the big game. Be sure to enter and go Ravens!

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green updated a group of religious businessmen and businesswomen on a lawsuit against the federal government over health care reform at a Charlotte, N.C. meeting last week. According to an article in the Charlotte Observer, Green said “there’s going to be an extensive court discussion and battle.” He added “…in the meantime, all I know to ask for is prayers.”

He also said “the struggle, the battle, is coming to us. We weren’t looking for this fight. We’re in a period now where we feel you’re going to have to stand your ground.”

The arts and crafts retailer based in Oklahoma filed a lawsuit in 2012 in their belief that the Affordable Care Act requires companies to include contraceptives like the morning-after pill as part of health insurance. With 13,000 employees with a fine of $100 per employee per day, failure by the business to comply equates to $1.3 million in daily fines.

“By being required to make a choice between sacrificing our faith or paying millions of dollars in fines, we essentially must choose which poison pill to swallow,” Green said in an interview with the Associated Press in 2012.  “We simply cannot abandon our religious beliefs to comply with this mandate.”

This case will continue to be an intriguing one to follow as this Christian-owned business and its CEO puts its very existence on the line to fight what it believes to be a violation of their 1st Amendment rights.