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Important to be on alert for national and global decisions

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 6:06 pm

For many years, several municipalities throughout the United States have sought ways to pick up revenue by taxing internet purchases.

While most of those suggestions have never become law, the matter is now a focal point of conversation at the United Nations’ 11-day International Telecommunications Union (ITU) conference that started on Monday.

One proposal being discussed comes from the Russian delegation as the “free” nation is wanting to declare “the sovereign right…to regulate the national Internet segment.”

Last year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a U.N. meeting last June said such global control is “certainly a priority on the international agenda.” This can be found at

Other changes the U.N. is discussing includes the way web addresses like “.com” are distributed or placing a charge on websites like Yahoo and Google  for sending information on the internet.

Such pricing on content would essentially be a tax on the internet. While the U.N. is not the governing body of the United States, any measure adopted there would still significantly impact all U.S. residents.

Could we possible have an internet that would cost us money just for visiting

It’s important for all of us to keep a close eye on all types of regulations being proposed or discussed by our government and international bodies like the U.N. As soon as most Americans are lazy on these issues, we might have passage of new laws that we could never reverse.

An example would be the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or  “Obamacare” mandate and how it violates our First Amendment rights.

Liberty University refiled their lawsuit after the Supreme Court’s decision this past June and the Supreme Court said their challenge can continue after a ruling last week. Their concern was a mandate on the school to make items like the “morning after” pill available to its employees. The drug is considered an abortion drug by the school.

Liberty’s case is one of 40 similar challenges that could once again reach the Supreme Court in 2013 and potentially put an end to the legislation as it is currently drafted. If you go back to the June decision, even four justices known to have “liberal” stances cited the need for the law to not interfere with “the free exercise of religion.” While there are indeed good things in the ACA, a violation of our First Amendment rights is not one of them and this issue should be addressed until decisions are made that our nation can never go back to reverse.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.