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I’m Thankful…

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 12:30 pm

It’s hard to believe this is Thanksgiving week already.
It’s important that all of us take time for a pause in this busy life to be thankful for what we have.
I’m thankful the Lord allows me to wake up every day to try and make a difference for His kingdom with the things I say and do.
I’m thankful God has blessed me with my awesome and amazing wife, who is also my best friend.
He’s blessed us with four kids that we have an opportunity to raise and point them in His direction for their lives.
I’m thankful God has blessed our family with a home with always just enough food available.
I’m thankful for having a heater that works and vehicles that run.
I’m thankful to have had this job for 10 years. While I would love to do without the countless long nights to get out a paper each week, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to earn an income in order to provide for my family.
I’m also thankful for my parents and my wife’s parents and for the impact they have on our family’s lives.
I’m thankful to have a church family filled with many people who love us and are willing to pray for and encourage each family member.
I’m also thankful for “The Vandalia Leader” staff and each of their individual contributions they make week in and week out to ensure each issue is printed.
And while I know I’ve missed several more things to be thankful for, it’s important for our readers to know that I am thankful for each of them also.
We strive to give you a quality product filled with in-depth coverage week in and week out.
It is our readers who buy papers, take out ads, submit information, buy the paper, and pass the paper around to friends and loved ones, effectively sharing what we do here with countless other people not in our 2,350 circulation number.
I pray all of our readers have a really blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.
Be sure to enjoy your time with your family, hug your loved ones, and love on them while you can.
This will be the first year that I will be unable to call my step-mom on Thanksgiving after she passed away earlier this year.
It’s just another of the “first” that I’ve gone through.
Many others in our area are like me, missing loved ones who have passed on.
Please join me in also being thankful for the memories we can re-visit this week in lieu of our loved ones no longer being around.
We may miss folks but I’m sure glad I can close my eyes and quickly think back to past experiences that I will never forget.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!