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“Heaven Can Wait”

Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 11:35 am

Are you prepared for Heaven? Life is fleeting and we all die. Worldwide, millions of people die every day. Sadly, most of those people spend eternity in a place called Hell. The Bible describes Hell as a place of agony and torture. It is pictured as a place where one man begged for a drop of water to relieve his agony. Many people think Hell will be just one eternal party with their friends and so they openly lead lives of sin. Other hide their sins and think they can escape Hell and make it to Heaven. A rude awakening awaits such people.
The fact is that we are all sinners. But those who belong to Jesus have their sins covered over by his blood. Christians have been convicted by the Holy Spirit, have repented of their sins, and have been baptized into union with Jesus Christ. Because of that, Christians are Heaven bound, saved by the Grace of God through faith in Jesus. It is that faith and trust that separates Christians from the rest of the world.
You see, Jesus died to save sinners. He died in our place and took our punishment on His shoulders. Jesus does not want anyone to perish. He wants everyone to live eternally in Heaven with Him.
Jesus wants our total devotion – serving Him with our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.
It’s time for everyone to repent and follow Jesus. It’s time for all of us to come home to the Father and become what He wants us to be – His sons and daughters.
We at Middletown Christian Church are committed to spreading the good news of salvation through Jesus.
We, in the love of Christ, invite you to let us come along side you and help you learn about Jesus’ love, mercy, and grace. Together, we can learn to live and grow spiritually.
We are located at 302 North Cherry (Route AC) in Middletown. Our worship is at 10 a.m. on Sunday. Please also feel free to contact us by calling our preacher Finley Price at 573-291-4920. We look forward to seeing you soon.