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Heart is heavy for Culwell family and the community

Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 11:25 am

When getting ready to write an editorial every week, it’s important for any writer to be passionate about a topic they are going to write about.
Nothing has weighed on my heart more than the Culwell family after the sudden passing of Felicity Goodpasture-Culwell.
In order for every community to enjoy the blessings of so many activities and unique events, it needs energetic, hard workers who work tirelessly to see a vision become a reality.
Felicity’s efforts were evident on so many events held in the area during the 10 years in which I’ve been with the newspaper.
She’s represented so many different organizations and activities when she’s come into my office that I’ve lost count.
In thinking about her this week, I’m reminded of audio from her speech at the YMCA groundbreaking ceremony. She said that she would ask folks to do things, in this case for the YMCA Project, and it was difficult on the person to say “No” to her.
When I heard that, I thought, yes, there were many times she came into our newspaper and asked for my assistance on a variety of issues and I too was guilty of not being able to say “No” to her a countless number of times.
She would get across what she wanted to do and just had an ability to look at you and you knew you wanted to help her out with nearly any endeavor she was taking on at the time.
I will miss those many conversations we’ve had, and with her sudden passing, I am going to miss the many more we were likely to have in the next year or two, especially with the YMCA Project getting off the ground.
It has been touching to see how the Vandalia community has come together to support and encourage a family when they are going through challenging times.
The love and support shown to the Culwell family this past week is amazing and a testament to the quality of people we have living in our community and the surrounding area.
Please be sure to continue praying for the Culwells as they try their best to put the pieces of life back together and move forward from here.
A sudden passing like Felicity’s, I’m sure, has caused many of us to think about our own lives this week.
May all of us also remember that none of us are guaranteed the few seconds it takes to read this sentence.
Life is precious and we never know when the Lord may decide to call us home.
May all of us be thankful for every second the Lord allows us to be here on earth.
May we also model a life of service with a willingness to serve others.
Felicity left us a strong example of how this can be done. She will be missed.