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Health scare last week before press time

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 11:05 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Every week, The Vandalia Leader staff works extremely hard to publish an issue of the newspaper.
What most readers do not realize is the amount of hours it takes to not only produce one copy of the paper, but the amount of hours worked to handle all of the other duties a job in this industry demands.
These hours caught up to myself with last week’s issue, forcing me to make an escorted visit to SSM Health St. Mary’s-Audrain while putting the newspaper together last Tuesday.
I only had page one to complete and still had a lot of proofing to finish but a health scare forced me to be loaded in an ambulance.
Fortunately, my expensive checkup came out with all positive reports.
Doctors chalked things up to stress and anxiety.
With my work schedule, I personally try to lay things in the hands of the Lord as I need His help to get everything done that I do.
After several late nights, my body was talking for me and saying it was stressed and it needed a break.
For those who found out what was going on and took time to pray for me and my family, I’m forever grateful.
As a father of four and a husband, I was scared to death, well, perhaps that is not the best phrase to use here. My blood pressure, which is normally okay, was really high. I couldn’t regulate my breathing, my face felt flushed, I felt dehydrated, my heart was pounding through my chest, had some shoulder pain, and felt like I might pass out. I want to thank Stacy Hopke and Dr. Gualberto for squeezing in a customer from next door.
I want to thank the two paramedics with the Van-Far Ambulance District who took care of me and transported me to Mexico.
I also want to thank the staff of the ER who took care of me at SSM St. Mary’s Health-Audrain.
I also want to thank my staff of Crystal Beatty, Ben Marshall, and Glee Hanson for battling through the adversity to make sure the paper not only went out the door, but was delivered the next day without me.
Thanks also go to Val Gilbert for her help in getting page one to the press.
I know there were a couple of errors in last year’s paper.
Typically, I have more time just before press to eliminate some of those.
Last week, I didn’t have that luxury.
By God’s grace, when you’re reading this editorial, I haven’t made a second trip to the ER in two weeks.