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Hanson returns to Laddonia board

Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 2:18 pm

City Attorney Tom Ellis, left, with Monte Hanson.

City Attorney Tom Ellis, left, with Monte Hanson.

Former Alderman Monte Hanson once again was sworn into office during last Thursday’s Board of Aldermen meeting for the City of Laddonia.
Prior to the meeting, Alicia Stanford, who was elected in the April election, resigned from her position. She later told “The Vandalia Leader” it was mainly due to health issues.
Hanson took the Oath of Office at 7:57 p.m. as administered by City Attorney Tom Ellis. Alderman Eric Craft made the motion to appoint Hanson and it was passed unanimously.
According to the drafted meeting minutes, the patron comments section gave several area residents an opportunity for their voices to be heard.
• Ono Monachino asked about the Hard Ride Café and if it was closing and what was going on.
• Ann Day discussed zoning issues with the City, asked if it was a city or a county issue. Having issues with the neighbors with property lines. She voiced concerns about zoning issues once more. She complimented the city street being cleaned up by Glenn Jensen.
• Chris Miller discussed Zoning issues with the City, been having neighbor issues with mowing and wanting to build a fence.
• Rick Painter stated there were limbs, logs and brush piles missed after the storm cleanup. He said that he wants more to be cleaned up from Scott’s Tree Service around town.
• Rhonda Chandler wants to relocate her chickens and or other farm animals in town from her previous town. Ordinance will be reviewed.
• Tony Webber apologizes for being absent at the 4th of July Celebration. He asked Chief Puls for the June 13 Police Report. He wants some questions on a situation answered by Friday, July 10. Tony is concerned about a former board member “slamming” Hard Ride on Facebook, as well as yet another board member down talking the Hard Ride. He reportedly said the City of Laddonia can be held responsible for such matters. He also stated that he will be moving out of town sometime in August. The Mayor and the board had input on how they are sad to hear this, complimented the Hard Ride and wished Tony and Megan Bass good luck with everything, as well as if there is anything he needs to let them know.
• Byron Koster came on behalf of his mother’s property issue and wants it resolved in a timely manner. He said that it is effecting the whole family and surrounding neighbors. The Mayor, the board, and the lawyer gave the input and apologized for the inconvenience and grief this has caused and hope to have it resolved within six weeks, keeping the family updated as the process comes to an ending.
The Treasurer’s Report, Collector’s Report, bills/warrants, and June meeting minutes were approved.
Other news:
Aldermen approved a measure to give Scott Allen the permission to contact Wright Electric to get the Electric line moved from the water tower to a different location.
Mayor Josh Deimeke was appointed as signator on a Bank property agreement.
The City Budget was tabled until a special meeting.
The Water Tower Project was discussed with Scott Allen.
A cat problem was discussed as well.
June meeting
The City of Laddonia’s Board of Aldermen held their meeting the month before on June 11.
Patron Comments:
• Shawn Craft said he is concerned about people on the board not talking or asking the community what is going on within. He said he wants people of the town to be represented by the board. He reportedly suggested that the board members visit five people a month to improve communication. He also wants the Casey’s dumpster to be moved to the north side of the building because of the smell and drainage coming from it.
•  Webber says the reason people don’t come to the meetings is because nothing ever gets done and its all talking. He presented to the board an email received about junk and how their business takes pride more than the town does, even though only being here for a short time.
• Alderman Jack Folta states how the City of Mexico operates
• Greg Jones, of Avery’s Floor Mats, wants the dirt pile for their property. He also stated that he would bring a fork lift and some operators to help move cars and junk as needed.
• Ono Monachino is seeking help from the board to fix an issue that has been ongoing. He states his name is being drug through “bull” and asks for more information on this particular situation.
• Melissa Deimeke discussed the 4th of July Celebration and presented a sign-up sheet for volunteers.
• Webber says he is disappointed about having to cancel the June 13 festival.
• Becky Monachino asked if there was a conflict of interest with the Mayor being on the Athletic Association. She also spoke about not volunteering because nobody can work together.
• Tom Trabue, an engineer from Columbia, discussed his availability to the City of Laddonia for inspections on buildings and vacant homes.
The Treasurer’s Report, Collector’s Report, bills/warrants, and May meeting minutes were approved.
The wastewater project was added to the agenda as requested by then alderman Alicia Stanford.
Aldermen passed a measure to have Scott Allen go with Mark Bross to talk to John Schlemmer.