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— Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow —

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Dean Frey holds his locks in front of Nici Brown.

Dean Frey holds his locks in front of Nici Brown.

— Submitted Story

In May, 2008, Pastor Dean Frey was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells.
Since then he has spent a lot of time in the Infusion Center at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Mo.
One time he noticed a lady who was dressed very well; a nice pant suit, a fur coat, and a turban covering her head.
She had lost her hair due to chemotherapy, and he could see that she was very self-conscious about it.
That inspired him to start growing his hair so he could eventually cut and donate it to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients.
A couple weeks ago, Nici Brown did the honors of cutting his hair, which he then donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, one of the two wig-making organizations recommended by the American Cancer Society.
Since Frey is currently taking chemotherapy that may cause him to lose his hair, after cutting the hair to donate, he asked Nicki to shave his head.
So the next time you see him sporting one of his stylish bandanas, know that he is not at death’s door.
But, look upon his bald head as an encouragement to care for and give of yourself for others.
Bow your head and say a little prayer for God to heal those battling this mortal enemy called cancer.