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Grateful even when things don’t go as planned

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 11:30 am

EDITORIAL---ron-mug-colorgsOur family put my November 23 editorial on “gratitude” to the test this past week as we drove nearly 1,000 miles to visit family only to have sickness hit at the worst time.
After a more than 16-hour drive to Maryland, our family of six enjoyed visiting with my dad, step-mom, grandfather, and so many others before an illness hit both my wife and 3-year-old daughter.
With the fear of the apparent viral illness and some fever being contagious, my wife and daughter found themselves stuck in a bedroom for about four days, including Thanksgiving.
My tentative plans to take in some tourist activities went on hold until next year.
My attention turned to praying for both of them to just get healthy before we hopped back in a car this past Saturday to make the return trip across the country.
This was not what we had planned for our trip.
While it was a frustrating time for my two ladies, I couldn’t help but think about the editorial I had written on “gratitude” that was published on November 23.
I’m grateful for all of the previous days the two of them were healthy. I’m grateful that not one time did we have to go to the hospital.
I’m grateful that neither one of them were battling a life-threatening disease.
Was it annoying and inconvenient for our family? Sure it was.
It could always be worse and I’m thankful it was not.
This is the time of the year we should definitely reflect on the blessings we do have.
I do think it’s ironic that just one day after a holiday is set aside for U.S. residents to celebrate Thanksgiving for what we do have, that Americans maul each other to save $10 on an item we don’t have when shopping on Black Friday.
That reminds me, I’m also grateful sickness kept me away from shopping this past Black Friday.