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Gov. Parson appoints Winders presiding commissioner

Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 3:38 pm

On Sept. 13, Gov. Mike Parson appointed Alan Winders as presiding commissioner for Audrain County. He is filling the vacancy created when Steve Hobbs left the Commission earlier in the month.

“I want to thank Gov. Parson for his confidence and for making the appointment,” said Winders. “It has been a pleasure to serve as an associate commissioner and I am honored by the governor’s appointment as presiding commissioner.”

Associate Commissioner Tracy Graham expressed his appreciation for the timeliness of the appointment.

“The appointment will allow the Commission to seamlessly continue the important work of the Commission. We are in the middle of a number of important programs and projects, this will allow Alan and I to be as efficient as possible as we move forward.”

“The Audrain County Commission works as a team. That team is changing around a little but our commitment, to do the best we can for the people of Audrain, remains absolutely unchanged.” said Winders.

The appointment will fill the position for the unexpired term through 2022. Winders was first elected to the Commission in 2016. The Commission will work with the governor’s office to fill the position of associate commissioner—Eastern District—created by Winders appointment. County Clerk Lisa Smith performed the swearing in of Winders.