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Go Kart Association race in Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 6:01 am

The Vandalia Area Go Kart Association held its first ever race outside of fair week last Saturday at the Vandalia Area Fairgrounds.

Winners from the evening included:
Rookies: Kinley Kuda
Junior Division 1: 1) Trice Roden; 2) Kinser Grove; 3) Kahne Groves; 4) Eastyn Teel; and 5) Jace Gaw
Junior Division 3: Jackson Mace
Clones: 1) Adam Johnson; 2) James Kinder; 3) Paul Rainey; 4) Daniel Fischer; and 5) Kevin Patton
Predators: 1) Amanda Mace; 2) Craig Roden; 3) Cole Graves; 4) Glen Bunten; and 5) Cole Campbell
Open: 1) Adam Johnson; 2) Loyd Fischer; 3) Loren Fischer; 4) Kyle Gruber; and 5) Jason Reichmann