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Gess International to construct plants in county

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 4:38 pm

GESS International, a highly experienced and globally established renewable enåergy service company, is expanding with four new Green Energy Biogas Plants across Missouri. The plants will bring more than $145 million in investment into communities in Miller and Audrain counties, and are expected to create 84 new jobs.
Plant No. 1 is to be built within the Community R-VI District, and plant No. 2 is to be built four miles West of Laddonia. Plant No. 3 is to be built south of Vandalia and north of Middletown. Plants No. 1 and No. 2 could begin core sampling as early as July.
Each Biogas Plant is expected to have 21 employees with an expected lowest income of $50,000. A total increase of 84 jobs for the local area communities.
Out of the 16 Class A Shareholders, Travis Dixon-Vice President, Chris Bohr-Treasurer, and Dale Dunlap-Board Member all travelled in January to tour two plants in the UK. They reported that these plants are fully contained with no smell. Dennis Clark-President of the East Central Missouri Biogas Group said that, “Income potential for row crop farmers in Laddonia, Vandalia, and Eastern Audrain County is substantial and gives a competitive advantage over the corn belt.”
“Investing into renewable energy projects provides opportunities to simultaneously generate significant financial returns, while mitigating or addressing societal and environmental challenges,” said Olga Bryzhan, the Director of GESS International.
These plants are expected to utilize 170,000 tons of swine waste, and 80,000 tons of green biomass, to produce 550,000 MMbtu annually worth of Renewable Natural Gas, equivalent of 6,800 homes energy usage. All four plants are expected to start construction in the third quarter of 2019 and become fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2020.
“We’re always excited about the prospect of adding value and increasing opportunities for Missouri’s pork producers” said Don Nikodim, Executive Director of the Missouri Pork Association.
“GESS is developing a renewable energy project that is inclusive of local communities by creating a new waste to energy revenue stream for farmers,” said Seth Daugherty, Grant Coordinator at GESS International. “Along this journey, we will pay area farmers for their waste product and provide good jobs, while also helping mitigate the environmental issues associated with hog farming. We look forward to contributing to Missouri’s bright future.”
Dennis Patterson with Northview co-op, LLC states “the use of our livestock manure along with local crops to produce renewable energy while improving the tax base for Miller County and Tuscumbia School District is a perfect solution to the many concerns of our local farmers. We are excited to enter into this agreement with GESS International and our neighboring farmers”.
Tom Wright, who is a part of the Miller County Commissioners states “We’re very excited for the county and the Patterson family to have company like GESS International select Miller county for their biogas facility. We look forward to working with them and seeing the progress it brings to or area. This is the first such business to come to Miller County since we became designated Agri-Ready.”
“We are excited to welcome GESS International to Missouri,” said Missouri Partnership Interim CEO Subash Alias. “This was a project that required coordination at all levels across multiple communities in the state, and the joint effort of everyone involved was excellent. GESS will be a wonderful addition to Missouri’s booming agriculture industry.”
Steve Hobbs, one of the County Commissioners of Audrain County, states “The Audrain County Commission is proud to have local entrepreneurs joining together to add value to their products. We wish them every success.”
Dennis Clark, the President of East Central Missouri Biogas Group LLC in Audrain County, is excited to announce the intention to enter into an agreement with GESS International and other Partners to construct up to three biogas plants in East Central Missouri.
The major goals of East Central Missouri Biogas Group LLC follow:
• Partner with GESS International which will create new jobs in our community.
• Offer a minority ownership to potential shareholders with a positive ROI.
• Improve the tax base to our local school districts and counties.
• Improve income to area row crop farmers with a new market.
• Improve income to area livestock farmers with a manure market.
• Improve the carbon foot print and environment within our area.
East Central Missouri Biogas Group LLC will be scheduling public investor/informational meetings for potential investors. The group wishes to own a minority share of the projects locally. If you are interested in attending a meeting please send an email to with a subject line of Biogas Meeting or contact Andrew S. Garnett Law Office in Mexico, Mo., at 573-582-7968.
GESS is a highly experienced and globally established renewable energy service company. With over 350 completed projects worldwide, GESS, Inc. has over 19 years of expertise in providing energy-efficient solutions using co-generation and renewable energy resources such as solar and biogas. From consulting to managing operations of our completed projects, GESS, Inc. offers design and implementation solutions with direct economic impact for its customers and their communities.