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From Vandalia back to the NBA

Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Angela Carlyle, center, with a pair of Warrior girls inside Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif.

A lot has changed in the last 17 years since Vandalia’s Angela Carlyle was shining under the arena lights cheering for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.
She’s moved to Missouri, got married, had children, and opened her own business, Angela’s Dance Company.
She found herself in a time portal on Sunday, April 8 when she performed alongside past and current Warriors girls during a reunion performance at halftime of Golden State’s game against the Utah Jazz inside the Oracle Arena. The arena is located in Oakland, Calif.
“When I arrived to the arena, I was nervous obviously because I have not performed on that magnitude in a long time,” Carlyle said. “…It didn’t hit me until we ran onto the floor at halftime. Seeing all of the crowd and the excitement of everybody seeing all 70 of us, it was like I was 18 again. All of the nervousness disappeared because I was like, I know what I’m suppose to do. It’s almost like riding a bike…It was just an awesome experience to be able to do it again.”
Carlyle said this was the first time she cheered for the Warriors at Oracle arena. In the past she cheered on the team when they played games in San Jose.
“I do definitely have to say the Oracle Arena was definitely smaller than the San Jose arena,” she added. “It felt smaller and a little more enclosed. It didn’t feel as quite intimidating as the first time I performed in the Warriors’ arena.”
The reunion featured cheerleaders/dancers  from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s along with the current performers led by Sabrina Ellison. Each performer also received a chachi bag, a GSW cutting board, wine glass, snacks, Warrior girl sweat bands, shirt, great seats, and more.

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