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Forum held to discuss potential purchase of hospital by MU Health

Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 11:27 am

MU Health Care CEO Jonathan Curtright

Citizens weigh in on their concerns of the potential purchase of SSM Health St. Mary’s Health-Audrain and SSM Health St. Mary’s-Jefferson City in a forum held Wednesday Dec. 12 in the morning at Presser Performing Arts Center.
A large group of intereseted Audrain County area residents attending the open forum.
The forum was held to answer concerns and help define the details of the potential transaction between MU Health Care and SSM Health. The decision to explore this potential transaction came from a shared mission of both organizations and to deliver quality, compassionate care to our community. It is understood that both organizations have strong internal cultures and support and empower their employees and physicians.
MU Health Care CEO Jonathan Curtright opened the floor for questions and several spoke up. One concerned citizen mentioned that the area has lost some services and physicians. And asks, “Does this transition expect to return these services to the area?”
CEO Jonathan Curtright responded with, “It’s a challenge, right it’s a challenge. 80, I think this is the right number, 80% of all physicians in the State of Missouri practice in five different zip codes.”
He mentioned it may even be higher than that. He states that they believe they can provide in an outpatient setting a lot of outreach services. He added, “By utilizing outreach services we’re gonna get some more doctors that are gonna get excited about being here.”
He asks “how do we ensure that we have the best schools, the best infrastructure, the best healthcare to make it so people want to stay here? How do we get this done? He said, “If you have any ideas about how to get that one done I’m all ears, and our entire team is gonna be all ears, But we must do this together. It’s going to be a marathon and not a sprint.”

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