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Former Vandalia man’s wife wins big on “Price is Right”

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 9:24 am

Ken Gosnell and his wife Monica recently hosted a viewing party for Monica’s appearance on “The Price is Right.”

Ken Gosnell, a Vandalia native, and his wife, Monica “Shonda” Gosnell, had tickets to the “The Price is Right” on the last day of their L.A. vacation — but they almost didn’t go to the show.

She ended up winning big —  placing the winning bid in the “Showcase Showdown” for a 2012 Dodge Ram truck, a five-night trip to Charleston, S.C., a diamond necklace with a diamond pendant, and diamond earrings.

“We had tickets to three shows and one game show,” Shonda said. “They were all free tickets, so we got those ahead of time before we knew what we wanted to do.”

They decided on the last day of their “couples get-away” to go to “The Price is Right” but a long wait to get into the show almost stopped them from going.

“We ended up deciding to go ahead and do the show because it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was in shock from the moment they called my name to the next day to be honest,” Shonda said.

After  being called down to “Contestant’s Row,” Shonda won her first bid and moved on for a round of “Squeeze Play.”

“That again was a big shock,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

She didn’t end up winning that round, for a trip to Cabo San Lucas, but was still able to spin the big wheel for her chance in the “Showcase Showdown.”

She beat out the her opponents with two spins equalling .70 cents. The other two went over the $1 mark.

In the showdown, Shonda said the other contestant passed his showcase to her. She then made the lucky bid of $27,500, under bidding the actual cost of $33,795.

“I was closer without going over, so I won my showcase,” she said.

Under CBS contract, the Gosnell’s could not tell anyone about their “Price is Right” success until the show aired on Monday, December 17. The show was filmed on October 1.

The two threw a viewing party  on that Monday night, in which some had yet to know the success of their four-day vacation.

Shonda has to wait 90 days to get her prizes and she has to pay California taxes. She said she’ll be donating the truck to charity.

“We could use a truck, don’t get me wrong,” she said. “We’re Christian and we really just can’t shake this feeling that God does not want us to keep it. We have talked a lot about it and prayed out it for the last couple of months. I just think that God can do something bigger to help other people.”

When she spun the numbers wheel during the show, she was able to say hi to her family, which included Ken’s parents Brian and Mary Gosnell, of Vandalia.

Ken is a 1990 graduate of Van-Far High School. He moved to Maryland in 1997 and now resides in Urbana, Md.

He and Shonda have four children: Carli, Caleb, Kaiden, and Kyston.

He is the president and area chair of C12 Group, a national network of Christian business owners and CEOs dedicated to applying Biblical principals to their business operations.