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Former Curryville police officer accused of theft

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 8:28 am

Bowling Green Times

Although the streets of Curryville may have one less criminal thanks to last week’s arrest of Aubrey Cropp, some Curryville residents are  angry about another crime that has yet to be prosecuted.
Former Curryville police officer Gene Fox  is accused of using the city’s credit card to make personal purchases.  According to Randy Dalton,  Curryville Alderman, the officer bought cigarettes and memory cards for a camera with the city’s money.
Fox was fired from the Curryville police department several months ago, according to Dalton.
Curryville’s prosecutor and city attorney Robert Rapp submitted a letter to Sheriff Stephen Korte in February inquiring into the progress being made on the investigation. Rapp’s letter pointed out that the citizens of Curryville are concerned that the individual that was hired to protect them from crime might evade the justice system himself.
Dalton stated he would like to see charges brought against the former officer.  He pointed out that the memory cards were authorized purchases, although officials in Curryville’s City Hall were unable to locate them.
“The clerk and the collector tore the place apart and couldn’t find them. We can only assume he never returned them to the town,” Dalton stated.

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