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Farmer/Farmerette Club

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 10:48 am

On Saturday morning, April 2, the Farmer Farmerette Club met at the home of Clara Shaver. President Kay Reading called the meeting to order with Shaver leading the pledge to the American Flag.
Shaver read the devotional, “Foundation on the Rock” from “The Upper Room.”
Roll call was answered by each member wearing an apron and telling something about it. Those present were Ginger Mangan, Pauline Oberman, Jeannie Smith, Claudine Lybarger, Wanda Hanson, Pauline Keithley, Kay Reading, Keri Reading, and Clara Shaver.
Hanson read the secretary’s report and Shaver gave the treasurer’s. Song leader Pauline Oberman led in the singing of “God Bless America.”
The mystery gift donated by Shaver was won by Keri Reading. Oberman had the game and each one won a prize.
Kay Reading read a poem, “I’m Lost Without My Apron.”
Mrs. Penny Luebrecht, daughter of club member Wanda Hanson, was the guest speaker and gave an interesting talk on the history and use of aprons as well as displaying a large selection of her own. She also read a poem, “Grandmother’s Apron,” which was along the same line as the one read by Kay.
The main purpose of any apron is to protect and keep clean one’s garment. In the early days, it wasn’t just the housewives who wore aprons. Shopkeepers, butchers, blacksmiths, and waitresses were just a few who wore the full bib type of aprons. The apron worn by the farmer’s wife was used for many things besides being a protector. She sometimes carried produce from her garden, gathered eggs, used it for a pot holder to remove pots from the stove, to wipe a dirty face, a quick dust rag if unexpected guests showed up, and etc. June Cleaver and Lucy introduced us to the cocktail aprons on their TV shows. Now days, half aprons and smocks are more in style.
Next month’s meeting will be Saturday, May 7 at the home of Jeannie Smith.