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Farm Bureau holds annual meeting

Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 12:59 pm

Callie Cox sings the National Anthem.

Callie Cox sings the National Anthem.

Three area teachers were recognized for receiving mini-grants  at th Audrain County Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting held August 21 in Mexico.
Guest Speaker Diane Olson presented the awards. Olson is the Director of Promotion and Education Programs for the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation.
It was noted that just 29 mini-grants were given in the state and three were awarded to Audrain County.
Kendra Allen, from the Mexico School District, was present. She talked about receiving the grant for a third graders project involving seeds being planted and how they grow. This year the students grew radishes.
Kayla Long, from McMillen Elementary School, received a grant to help first grade students go on a field trip.
Vanessa Kerr, of St. Brennan, was unable to attend the event. She also received a mini-grant.
Olson followed later by being a guest speaker to the event.
She talked about her spending the last two weeks at the State Fair in Sedalia and shared a few stories.
Olson discussed the recently passed Amendment 1. She noted that “no” votes won surprisingly in both Christian and Greene counties.
She noted the possibility of a recount while saying the measure being passed was important for farmers.
“It was the right thing to do for agriculture,” Olson added. “…It’s important to educate so others know where their food comes from.”
She also talked about the EPA having “agriculture in the crosshairs” and noted that they are wanting to take control.
The program was discussed. This movement counteracts a proposed rule from both the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to regulate their authority under the Clean Water Act (CWA) to land features like puddles, ponds, ditches, ephemerals, and wetlands.
Members in attendance were asked to fill out postcards geared towards a want to “ditch the rule.”
It was also noted the success of Amendment 1 was in due part to farm bureau members’ efforts with social media.
Jerry Johnson led the election for board members.
After a nominee process, members voted for Patty Fennewald (District 1), Darren Reynolds (District 3), and Barb Wilson (District 5). Michelle Aulbur was also nominated as new director at-large.
Harry Thompson, District 3 director for the Missouri Farm Bureau, also attended the event.
He thanked those in the room for their support of Amendment 1.
Thompson said $136,000 was collected from members across the state in the effort to pass Amendment 1, which was the most support he’s seen made by members.
He also expressed his hopes for the “ditch the rule” program.
The Audrain County Farm Bureau’s office secretary Erma Wrye gave a presentation on benefits available to members.
The long list also includes discounts on Kansas City Chiefs tickets, Plaza Tire discounts, Polaris discount opportunities, Mastercard savings with an Affinity card through the Central Bank of Audrain County, and more.
She said only 18 members of a 743 member quote still needed to pay their dues.
At the beginning of the meeting, Patty Fennewald gave the invocation before members enjoyed a dinner.
The meeting was called to order by Farm Bureau President Darren Reynolds.
He followed by also talking about the local bureau’s accoplishments.
He also introduced members and read a list of other attendees that included Austin Kramer (representing Rep. Vicky Hartzler), Ray Bozarth (representing U.S. Senator Roy Blunt), Dennis Rhodes (Rep. Jeanie Riddle), Rep. Jay Houghton, Presiding Commissioner Steve Hobbs, Recorder of Deeds Janis Deimeke, Assessor Missy Maupin, Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger, among others.
Callie Cox sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem before leading those in attendance with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Joann Roth led the vote for approval of the minutes reading and treasurer’s report.
Door prizes were given out at the end of the meeting.
A one year membership was also given after a name was drawn from tickets awarded for filling out a survey.
The list of 2013-2014 board members and committee chairpersons includes Darren Reynolds (President/Membership,Serves on a Resolutions State Committee), Barb Wilson (Vice-President, Farm PAC), Joann Roth (Secretary/Treasurer, Insurance), Michele Aulbur (Promotion and Education, Extension), Patty Fennewald (Promotion and Education), Dale Fischer (Marketing and Commodities), Paul Sprock with Wayne Windmann (Legislative), Brent Erisman (Young Farmer and Ranchers, Farm PA
C), Erma Wrye (Information, Office Secretary), Jerry Johnson (Farm PAC), Steve Roberts (Regional Coordinator), Nathan Miller (Regional Sales Manager), Nathan Summers with Aaron Birge (Agent), and Anne Allison (Part-Time Secretary.)