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Farber Baptist Men/WOM

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 2:34 pm

Farber Baptist WOM and Baptist Men met Monday, September 16, for their monthly meetings.
Karen Holbrook, WOM president, led the groups in singing, “Send the Light”.
Linda Prior, program leader, presented “Changing Lives – One Story at a Time” assisted by Callie Fowler.
Global partners topics were given by Jessica Hurd, “Cry of a Child, Jesus” and Carrie Hurd, “The Bride of Christ”.
Prayer chairman, Monnie Smith, read Matthew 28:20 as the scripture focus and prayer focus was Indonesia. Each member was given a fall leaf with names of missionaries who had birthdays on this day. Members read the names and Smith closed with prayer. Prayer for praises was by Carrie Hurd and prayer request was by Prior.
Holbrook reported that the school supplies had been delivered. Discussion was on offenders cleaning the church October 10 and food items that would be furnished.
The next meeting will be October 21 with Alan and Carrie Hurd hosts and Fowler leading the program. Holbrook closed the meeting with prayer. Ted, Callie, and Gene Fowler furnished the refreshments for the meetings.
President Jim Day opened the men’s meeting with Exodus 6:1-8 and prayer.
A donation was made to the local mission action sponsored by the women.
Sterling Holbrook led the program entitled “Authority Acknowledged; Salvation Offered.” The scripture focus was John 2:1-16 and 3:1-16. Holbrook gave the introductions for each section and ask relevant questions concerning various parts.
The following parts were presented, “Authority Acknowledged As They Obey Jesus,” Tom Wright; “Authority Acknowledged As Jesus Gave Orders and Others Followed,” Ted Fowler; “Authority Acknowledged As Jesus Orders the Cleansing of the Temple,” and “Salvation Offered to a Sincere Man,” Tom Prior; “Salvation Offered to a Seeking Man,” Day; “Salvation Offered to a Summarizing Man,” Gene Fowler; and “Salvation Offered to a Successful Man,” Alan Hurd.
Tom Wright closed the meeting with the Calendar of Prayer for members to support with their attendance in preparation for the revival and for refreshments that the Fowlers provided.