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Farber Baptist Men/WOM meet

Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 5:00 am

The Farber Baptist WOM and Baptist Men open their monthly meeting Monday, April 16, singing, “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” lead by Karen Holbrook, WOM president. Oneita Shaw read the Watchword, Hebrews 12:1-2. Global Partners articles, “Enduring Persecution and Awakening in God’s Word and Truth were presented by Jessica Hurd. Holbrook lead the Calendar of Prayer by reading Exodus 3:10 as the scripture focus and South Asian Unengaged peoples as the prayer focus. Carrie Hurd, program leader, presented “Oksana,”  assisted by Linda Prior, Callie Fowler, and Brittany Franklin.
Mission action for May is assorted snacks, small bags of chips, and toilet bowl cleaner for the Agape House of Vandalia. Also, members are to bring plastic grocery bags to be given to the Food Pantry. Next meeting will be May 21 with “Bring-a-Snack” and Linda Prior leading the program. Linda and Tom Prior were hosts for the meetings.
Alan Hurd, vice-president, opened the men’s meeting with Romans 5:l-5 and prayer. Jim Day, president, conducted the business session. Mission Action for the month is that each man in church not a member of Baptist Men will be contacted by card. Plans were made for Mothers Day. Sterling Holbrook led the program, “Live To Benefit Others; Be Confident of the Resurrection.” Focus scripture was chapters 6 and 24 of Luke. The following parts were presented centered around living to benefit others: “Loving Actions,” Waldo Roberts and Tom Prior; “Loving Concern without Judging,” Alan Hurd;  and “Loving Obedience,” Prior. Parts centered around being confident of the resurrection were “Consider the Possibilities,” Ted Fowler; “Consult the Scriptures,” Tom Wright; “Convictions from the Lord,” Day; and “Celebrate with Other Believers,” Gene Fowler. Wright closed the meeting with the Calendar of Prayer for the lost and inactive.