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Farber Baptist Men, WOM

Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

The Baptist WOM and Baptist Men met Monday, Sept. 17th and Karen Holbrook, WOM president, led the groups in singing “Our Best”    Linda Prior, program leader, presented “Trash or Treasure”  assisted by Callie Fowler.   Carrie and Jessica Hurd presented topics of Gobal Partners entitled  “All Is Possible with God” and “Henna Party Opens Doors”.   Prayer chairman, Monnie Smith read Isaiah 40:11 as the scripture focus and prayer focus “India”.
Each member read names of missionaries placed on fall leaves who had birthdays on this day.  Smith closed with prayer.
Mission action for October is a donation to State Missions.  Jessica Hurd received a birthday gift from her secret pal.  Next meeting will be October15 with Fowler leading the program and Carrie and Alan Hurd hosts.  Refreshment were furnished by Callie, Ted, and Gene Fowler.
Jim Day, Baptist Men’s president, opened the meeting with Psalm 37:l-l7 and prayer.  Mission Action is a donation to the State Missions Offering. The men  made plans for a homemade ice cream social to honor the women of the church Sept.22.  Sterling Holbrook led the program, “Living in a New  Household; Living as Strangers.”  The focal scripture was lst Peter 2.  Parts  presented were “Hunger for Food,” Tom Prior; “Home with  Spiritual Dimensions,”Waldo Roberts; “Holy Environment,” “Urged To Abstain,” and “Urged Tto Alleviate Ignorance,” Ted Fowler; “Urged To Advance.” Alan Hurd; and”Urged To Submit to Authorities,” Day.
Holbrook presented the introductions and asked relevant questions for each part.
Gene Fowler was also present.  The Calendar of Prayer closed the meeting.