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Fall sports athletes honored at Van-Far event

Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 12:20 pm

Van-Far cheerleaders who won plaques at the Fall sports awards event.

Van-Far cheerleaders who won plaques at the Fall sports awards event.

Several students participating in Van-Far sports this past Fall were honored during the Fall Athletic Awards banquet last week.
Some Community R-VI students also received honors as they participated with the Van-Far/Community R-VI football program.
Honors went to:

Letter and ball-Henry Cade, Devin Fleming, Alex Flowers, Logan Holt, Chase McMorris, Corbin O’Connor, Joseph Ramirez, Walter Salmon, and Morgan Slatten
Football Academic All-Conference-Trevor Crider, Jacob Garner, Josh Hodde, Colten Jensen, Brayden McMillen, Andrew Snodgrass, and Parker Wallace
Ball only-Trevor Crider, Jacob Garner, Josh Hodde, Verlyn Johnson, and Brayden McMillen
Bars- Cameron Barsé, Nathan Beatty, Joe Clithero, Sharrod Connor, Kyle Ebers, Adam Hombs, Eric Hombs, Colten Jensen, Trey Miller, Andrew Snodgrass, and Parker Wallace
Golden Helmet-Adam Hombs
Most Improved-Eric Hombs
Offensive Player of the Year-Parker Wallace
Defensive Player of the Year-Adam Hombs
Rookie of the Year-Brayden McMillen
Outstanding Offensive Receiver-Josh Hodde
Special Team Player of the Year-Josh Hodde
Outstanding Offensive Lineman-Adam Hombs
Outstanding Defensive Lineman-Nathan Beatty
Outstanding Defensive Back-Sharrod Connor
Outstanding Offensive Back-Trey Miller
Outstanding Iron Man MVP-Parker Wallace
Outstanding Defensive Linebacker-Jacob Garner
Most Tackles-Jacob Garner
Most Yards Rushing-Trey Miller
Most Points Scored-Sharrod Connor
Most Interceptions-Sharrod Connor
Most Yards Passing-Parker Wallace
Most Yards Receiving-Josh Hodde

Letter and Megaphone-Sharon Baur, Olivia Bybee, Katie Elzea, Mallory Williams, and Emily Willis
Cheer Academic All-Conference-Sharon Baur, Olivia Bybee, Paige Dameron, Dunn, Katie Elzea, Claire Motley, Avery Rost, Ashley Stanich, Mallory Williams, Emily Willis, and Jenna Willis
Bars- Hannah Bauman, Paige Dameron, Maddie Dunn,Emily Humphrey, Claire Motley, Dominic Ramirez, Bethany Regot, Avery Rost, Ashley Stanich, Makayla Vigil, and Jenna Willis
Best All-Around-Katie Elzea
Most Potential-Mallory Williams
Most Improved-Emily Willis
Most Spirited-Jenna Willis
Most Dedicated-Emily Humphrey
Leadership-Hannah Bauman
Most Determined-Maddie Dunn
Best Attitude-Makayla Vigil
Most Encouraging-Dominic Ramirez
Most Versatile-Ashley Stanich

Letters and Ball-Alivia Graddy and Makayla McAfee
Letter and Manager-Riley Culwell
Balls only-Mallory Williams
Bars-Jayda Borgmeyer, Reaghan Case, Regina Clausen, Alexis DeTienne, Alexandra Connaway, Jordan Garner, Jayle Jennings, and Carleigh Phillips
Academic All-Conference-Alexis DeTienne, Jordan Garner, Jayle Jennings, Carleigh Phillips, and Mallory Williams
All-Conference-Jordan Garner (first-team), Jayle Jennings (second-team)
All-District, First-Team-Jayle Jennings, Jordan Garner, Makayla McAfee, and Jayda Borgmeyer
All-State, Second-Team-Jordan Garner
All-Region, First-Team-Jayle Jennings and Jordan Garner
All-Region, Second-Team-Makayla McAfee and Jayda Borgmeyer
MVP-Jordan Garner and Jayle Jennings
Rookie of the Year-Makayla McAfee
Most Promising-Reaghan Case
Most Improved-Gina Clausen
Golden Glove-Jayle Jennings
Pitcher of the Year-Jayle Jennings
Breakout Player of the Year-Jayda Borgmeyer
Most Hustle-Mallory Williams
Most Inspirational-Alivia Graddy
Highest Batting Average-Jayle Jennings
Lady Indian Sportsmanship-Lexi DeTienne
JV Slugger-Mallory Williams
JV MVP-Mallory Williams
JV Best Defensive Player-Aubrey Bunge
Most Runs Scored-Jordan Garner
Highest Slugging %-Jordan Garner
Most Assists-Jordan Garner
Top On Base%-Jordan Garner
RBI Leader-Jordan Garner
Outstanding Defense-Jayle Jennings, Reaghan Case, and Gina Clausen