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Editorials to become regular feature again

Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 10:54 am

After having several folks express their appreciation for my editorials in this past week, I was reminded of one thing; I haven’t been writing enough of them in recent months, and for that, I apologize to our readers.
The past few months, our newspaper has been slammed with covering so many events that it has taken quite a bit of time to get all of the other stories and page layouts done in order to get a newspaper to press by our deadline.
In many weeks, the only way we beat deadlines has been through my decision to not write an editorial.
Editorial writing can be challenging. It’s important to be moved emotionally by a topic and then take the needed time to do research to back up my passionate points of view. It’s also important that both sides of a topic are presented to provide needed balance to an editorial. I could write emotionally about why I’m for or against an issue, but if I’m not providing facts along with the opposition’s point of view, then my editorial becomes nothing more than a rant posted on Social Media.
For upcoming issues where I’m not moved to do research or to give my opinion on a topic, I will provide updates on some of my work and/or personal experiences through the past week or provide information that I think will be of benefit to our readers.
One upcoming item of interest is the tax levy ballot issue set to be voted on by Van-Far’s district residents. My article is pretty detailed in regards to the district’s financial shape and why voters may choose to help out the district with a “Yes” vote.
While I personally choose to not endorse candidates or advocate for one side of a ballot issue over another, I do encourage all of our readers living in the district to exercise their right to vote.
Typically, voter turnout is extremely low when just one item reaches a local ballot. At this time of exercising our right to vote, it’s important to remind all residents that men and women have fought to protect this right along with all of the others we are blessed to have in the greatest country in the world.
It only takes a few minutes to go to the polling location, color one dot, and slip it into an election machine.
The workers at the poll might even give you a sticker for your efforts.
Be sure to vote “Yes” or “No” during election day on Tuesday, August 8.