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Ed Lockwood declares candidacy in District 43

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 9:28 am

Ed Lockwood (D) officially files for election.

Ed Lockwood (D) officially files for election.

Ed Lockwood (D) recently filed to run for State Representative for District 43 (Audrain and portions of Callaway County) against Representative Jay Houghton.
According to a press release issued by Lockwood’s campaign, he has filed to run against incumbent Rep. Houghton in the District 43 race.
“Jay Houghton promised when elected that he was common man, that he would fix the government, and make our lives better,” Lockwood said. “Today, we are worse off than before: a lack of jobs paying sustainable wages has the middle class struggling more than ever, violent and domestic crimes are up, our roads are in terrible shape, our schools are underfunded, and we continually make national news due to our lack of diversity and racial issues.” “There is a serious lack of ethics in Jefferson City, unlimited campaign funding by big donors buying lawmakers, politicians taking gifts from lobbyists, and even our interns (our kids) have not been safe from those meant to be leading our state,” he continued. “It is time to send these political insiders like Jay Houghton home and start fresh. As your Representative, I pledge to be responsible, act ethically, and spend my time finding solutions to fixing problems and returning Missouri to a state of greatness.”
– Submitted by candidate