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Ebola outbreak concern grows as more deaths are reported

Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 2:40 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

By now, many Vandalia area residents have read several concerning reports in regards to the recent outbreak of Ebola cases, both in the U.S. and worldwide.
According to a New York Times article entitled “Ebola Facts: How Many Health Care Workers Have Contracted Ebola?,” 233 of 400 workers from West Africa have died in this outbreak.
There have been 16 cases outside of West Africa, with three fatalities. There are three cases of folks being treated in the U.S. while three others have recovered. Two deaths were reported in Spain.
These cases can make it to the U.S. as West African passengers arrives in our country through Kennedy International, Dulles International, O’Hare International, Hartsfield-Jackson International, and Newark Liberty International Airports. Plus, many people on the front lines of this fight are Americans.
It reportedly spreads through direct contact with body fluids. It can also survive on dry surfaces like door knobs and counter tops for a few hours.
The problem is there are currently no drugs or vaccines approved by the FDA to treat it.
It takes eight to 10 days after exposure to start doing its damage. It starts like the flu. There’s diarrhea and vomiting before it eventually leads victims to hemorrhage. They might even vomit blood or pass it in urine.
Blood vessels deep in the body begin leaking fluid, causing blood pressure to plummet so low that the heart, kidneys, and other organs start to fail.
Currently, there are 8,000 people infected in West Africa, the biggest outbreak on record. Those countries include Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.
U.S. President Barack Obama has deployed 4,000 American military personnel to Liberia and Sengal to combat the outbreak.
One reason it has been tough to contain is some physicians are turning to witch doctors for treatment.
This makes things difficult to keep track of all of those people who have been exposed.
The disease was discovered in 1976. Thoughts include it coming from humans eating gorilla meat to bats causing it. The belief is that humans eat food that bats have drooled or defecated on. It is believed the outbreak started in a village in Guinea.
Our country experienced challenges of the bird flu a couple of years back but this outbreak is 10 times worse.
So why doesn’t our government close its borders from passengers in these West African countries while workers are battling to contain the virus?
For every one person testing positive, CDC authorities are having to work overtime to find all of the people who have come in contact with just that one person.
Why not make this process easier?
I’m just using common sense…
My hope is that our government takes this outbreak more seriously before we begin hearing of cases in Missouri. This is a pandemic.
It’s a scary time in which we live…..
“Granny” Update
Just a big thank you to all of The Vandalia Leader’s readers who have expressed their condolences and prayers in the passing of my grandmother.
I truly appreciate your prayers. I had a special time with my family back in Baltimore, Maryland this past week during “granny’s” funeral.
It wasn’t really a funeral though, it was a celebration of a wonderful woman’s life. She is now living in heaven while you and I had to pay our bills this week. It was a great time with family…