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Drug free messages for Red Ribbon Week

Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 2:53 am

Annalynn Culwell, left, and Ashton Garnett

Annalynn Culwell, left, and Ashton Garnett

Hi, this is Annalynn Culwell from Van-Far Elementary. I am in Mrs. Kirby’s 6th grade class.  Drug free the healthy choice for me is our red ribbon theme.  Drugs can really hurt you and they can fry your brain. Healthy choices make you feel great and you can play sports. If you play sports and start doing drugs you will start to see a bad change. You will get kicked off the team. It has happened before to many people. That’s why every school is required to do drug testing before they start sports. Drugs can also give people cancer. So if someone asks you to do drugs just say “NO”! Thank you.

Ashton Garnett
6th Grade
Van-Far Elementary
“Drug Free”
My name is Ashton Garnett and I’m going to be telling you the importance of staying drug free and how doing drugs can affect your family and friends.  Doing drugs can not only hurt you, but it affects everybody else in the community. Being addicted to drugs can make you do bad things like crime and even suicide. You might think drugs make your life less miserable and a whole lot better but the truth is it only makes your life worse! Nothing good comes out of doing drugs so why do them?