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Dixon retires after 34 years with city

Posted on Monday, December 30, 2013 at 1:12 am

On Tuesday, December 10, Gene Ann Dixon was presented a retirement plaque by Mayor Ramon Barnes to recognize her 34 years of service with the City of Vandalia.

On Tuesday, December 10, Gene Ann Dixon was presented a retirement plaque by Mayor Ramon Barnes to recognize her 34 years of service with the City of Vandalia.

Long time employee Gene Ann Dixon received a resolution and plaque from the City of Vandalia and Mayor Ramon Barnes during last week’s Board of Alderman meeting to acknowledge her retirement.
Dixon is retiring after serving the city for 34 years. The Vandalia Leader will have a special feature on her tenur in the January 1, 2014 issue.
According to drafted city minutes, those attending the Tuesday, December 10 meeting were Mayor Barnes; Aldermen Larry Shaw, Ron Stallcup, John Weiser, Larry Holt and Dempsey Dixon; City Administrator Alan Winders; City Attorney Amy Rost; City Clerk Karen Shaw, Finance Officer Sharon Myers; Assistant to the City Administrator Debbie Hopke; Street Superintendent Dave Hamby; Utilities Superintendent Aaron Rentfro; Chief Water Plant Operator Darren Berry; Police Chief Tony Laird. Also present was Gene Ann Dixon, Audrain County Collector Kate Becker, and visitor Nancy McCurdy. Absent was Alderman Teresa Wenzel.
Agenda Item No. V-A,
Authorize execution of Engineering Services Agreement with Toth and Associates, Inc.
Winders told the group that proposals for engineering services for the electrical system were requested and reviewed. Three engineering firms were interviewed by staff, one was selected and an agreement negotiated, which was being presented for approval.
The agreement sets up an on-going relationship and the framework for how engineering services can be secured from Toth and Associates, Inc., who would act as the city’s Electrical engineer under the agreement.
There is no retainer fee and the city will only pay for services rendered. Approval of specific projects could be by specific council action or by action on the annual budget.
Aldermen authorized execution of engineering services agreement with Toth and Associates, Inc.
Agenda Item No. V-B, Authorize Review of Electric System
Utility Superintendent Aaron Rentfro told the group that this item would authorize Toth and Associates to proceed with “high level review of the physical electric system.” This and the financial review is the first step in planning system improvements. The cost for the review is not-to-exceed $6,000.
An authorized review of the electric system was approved.
Agenda Item No. V-C Authorize Financial Review of Electric System
Winders told the group that this item would authorize Toth and Associates to proceed with “high level review of the financials of electric system”. The cost for review is not-to-exceed $4,000. This will review system financial requirements and related rate structures.
The review will address goals of rate review and will help determine the future direction and funding availability for system improvements.
This will be funded from the capital improvement fund, electric conversion line.
After discussion, aldermen authorized financial review of the electric and added the review of the water system at a not-to-exceed fee of $5,500.
Agenda Item No. V-D, Alcohol and Drug Testing Program Renewal Contract with AMC
Karen Shaw told the group that this is the annual renewal contract with Audrain Medical Center for Alcohol and Drug testing.
There are no changes in fees or services in the contract since 1997.
Aldermen approved the Alcohol and Drug Testing Program Renewal Contract with AMC. Agenda Item No. V-E, Consideration of Employee Holiday Bonus
Winders stated that this item is for the council to consider city employee holiday bonuses for the year. Staff recommendation would be giving the bonuses in Vandalia Chamber Bucks as in the past years.
Aldermen approved holiday bonuses with a $10 across the board increase. Increased bonus amounts would be: full-time employees $120; part-time employees $50; appointed personnel $90.
Agenda Item No. V-F, Consideration of Limb Disposal Options
Winders told the group that this item provides for continued consideration of limb disposal options for community residents. The option of curb-side pick-up has been discussed with Dayne’s Waste and is possible for .75 cents per month per household.
The service would be once per month for nine months of the year (no collection in December, January and February). Dayne’s would collect and dispose of the limbs. The limbs could be no more than six feet in length, four inches in diameter, bundled/tied for pickup, with no bundle weighing more than 50 pounds. Dayne’s would agree to this for one year.
This option addresses the need for residents to dispose of occasional tree pruning and limb droppings without the cost of whole tree disposal or providing a place for contractors to drop off. Additional dumping regulations and tighter control of the yard waste drop-off will still be required.
If approved, details would need to be brought back for approval, and ordinance changes would be needed.
After discussion, aldermen approve for staff to bring a contract with Dayne’s Waste for approval.
Aldermen approved the motion with alderman Larry Shaw casting the lone “No” vote.
Agenda Item No. V-G, Report on Water Plant Loan and Project
Winders stated that the original Water Treatment Plant project was to cost about $750,000 and would required about $95,000 in annual debt service payments. After cuts, the project is going to cost about $520,000 and the city will finance about $480,000. This will require an estimated annual payment of about $65,000 to $70,000. The debt will be retired in 2021.
There is still remodeling at the water plant that is left to accomplish at a cost of $25,000.
There are other items which DNR could require in the near future, depending on future rest results.
The roof on the million gallon tank must still be addressed. The engineer is preparing a request for proposals. This work is expected to cost well over $100,000.
Payments are going to take most of the annual revenue from the water capital surcharge ($90,000). The surcharge will likely have to be increased in the near future to fund other capital needs of water line replacement, tank roof, mixing, etc.
Agenda Item No. V-H, Review Board Priorities from May 2013
Winders told the group that this item will provide the opportunity to add or delete from the priorities established in May, 2013.
The council discussed modifications that should be considered for the list.
Agenda Item No. VII-A, Bill No. 13-1135 An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance No. 09-1088, Replacing the contract Marked “Exhibit A” included with Ordinance No. 09-1088, Authorizing the Mayor and Other Designated Officials to Enter Into a Contract with the Appropriate County Officials of Audrain County, Missouri, for the County Collection and Administration of City Property Taxes.
Karen Shaw told the group that approval of this item would make changes to the contract with Audrain County officials for the collection and administration of City property taxes. These changes were recommended by Collector Kate Becker, who was present at the meeting. Becker told the group of the changes.
Alderman Weiser moved to hear Bill No. 13-1135 the first time. Alderman Holt seconded the motion. Ms. Rost read the bill the first time.
Alderman Shaw moved that the first reading of the bill be approved. The motion was seconded by Alderman Weiser and the votes were recorded as follows: “Aye”: Aldermen Holt, Stallcup, Shaw, Dixon and Weiser. “Nay”: none. Absent: Alderman Wenzel.
Alderman Weiser moved that the second reading of the bill be heard. The motion was seconded by Alderman Stallcup, which carried unanimously. Ms. Rost read the bill the second time. Alderman Holt moved that the second reading of the bill be approved. The motion was seconded by Alderman Stallcup and the votes were recorded as follows: “Aye”: Aldermen Stallcup, Shaw, Dixon, Weiser and Holt. “Nay”: none. Absent: Alderman Wenzel.
Bill No. 13-1135 was duly passed and approved on December 10 and the same shall hereafter be known as Ordinance No. 13-1135.
Agenda Item No. IX
Information Update
No action was taken on informational items that were presented, which included an update on license office bids, an update on the YMCA project, as well as information regarding the removal of a few trees in city parks (North and South Railroad Park and at the Library) that are dead and have become potentially dangerous.
Having no further business to discuss, at 6:30 p.m., a motion was made by Alderman Stallcup to adjourn.
Alderman Holt seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.