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DAR members enjoy busy meeting

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Susanna Randolph held their regular meeting on Thursday evening, March 7, 2013 at the Vandalia Hotel. Following a light supper served by Virginia Howdeshell.  The meeting began with the opening ritual, followed by the President General’s message was given by Ann Carter and
Muriel Beshears read the National Defense. Howdeshell read a Constitution Minute. Judy Flowers provided an American Indian Minute and a Conservation minute was given by Holly Jungers.
Roll call, “An Event in Aviation history,” was answered by Muriel Beshears, Dorothy Black, Anne Bryant, Mandi and Gabriel Bryant, Ann Carter, Joy Davis, Barbara Elzea, Judy Flowers, Linda Sue Galloway, Virginia Howdeshell, Maxine Jackson, Holly Jungers, Ruth Miller, Cindy Pirch, Teresa Wenzel members; Charlene McCune, prospective members.  Teresa Wenzel, Treasurer gave the financial report.  Ruth Miller, registrar, reported that Brenda Gowers approved soon according to on-line resources and that Judy Flowers has sent in six supplementals. Ann Carter, vice- regent reminded everyone that our May 9th meeting will be a road trip to Boonville to see the Clydesdale’s farm and then on to Roslyn Heights. Carter took a head count of whom was planning on going. In committee reports, Cindy Pirch, gave a short review of the George Washington’s tea for those who could not attend. Then it was discussed if anyone could attend the “Wear Your Pearls Girls” cameo event that Roslyn Heights was hosting.  Carter made the motion and Linda Sue Galloway seconded it, that all of the memorial amounts are now $25. When voted on it was approved unanimously. Howedeshell then made the motion with Beashers second, that Francis Ann Perish memorial be sent to Groves Cottage Boarding Scholarship, it was approved unanimously in the vote. Carter then made the motion to donate $60 to the Roslyn Heights window maintenance and repair fund, Ruth Miller second the motion and it passed unanimously when voted on. Since no one is able to attend the Continental Congress this year, the group decided to find someone to report on it from a neighboring DAR group. MSSDAR is May 3rd-5th and all dues, and registrations were collected for those who could attend.  The meeting was adjourned with the closing ritual. Carter introduced Teresa Wenzel and the program on Amelia Earhart.